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  • zonbac89 zonbac89 Mar 9, 2013 2:02 PM Flag

    Hope and Change "sweepin" the nation (!!)

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    • More examples of Obama's Green Energy success. I wonder if this wasted money could have funded the White House tours or several other things?

      "It was supposed to be the center of a resurgent domestic lithium ion battery industry. A shiny new factory in Holland, Michigan, that by the end of 2013 would produce enough energy cells to power 60,000 electric or hybrid electric cars — and the Chevy Volt would be its highest-profile customer. Instead, after spending $142 million of a $151 million federal Recovery Act grant to set up the factory, LG Chem Michigan has yet to produce a single battery cell that can be used in an electric car sold to the public.

      It gets worse. Two of five planned production lines remain unfinished. And rather than the 440 jobs the plant was supposed to create, less than half exist today. But what jobs.

      In a report released this week by Gregory Friedman, inspector general at the Department of Energy, some LG Chem workers were discovered to have spent their paid work time during the last three months of 2012 watching movies and playing board, card and videogames. The more civic-minded used the work day to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, at animal shelters and outdoor nature centers. Friedman found that the amount of time spent volunteering ranged from one to five days a week. Between the cards, videogames and volunteer hours, Friedman estimates the government paid $842,189 for “questionable” labor. (It shared half of all labor costs with LG Chem Michigan.)

      LG Chem Michigan doesn’t dispute the questionable labor."

      Is no one at home in Washington any longer? How many of these fiascos does it take before someone starts paying attention?

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      • "How many of these fiascos does it take before someone starts paying attention?"

        What an idiotic question. Some things you left out of your post: All the information you have here was from an Inspector General's report. The government is recouping funds misused by LG. This was a public/private partnership, with LG footing half the bill. The plant is expected to begin operations as production of the battery shifts from overseas.

    • Hope and Change is all we have left. Obama is ruling like a king, demanding that we all cower down to his will and change is all we have left in our pockets, he has spent all the dollars.

    • Be sweepin into right down into the sewer, where the hope and change came from.

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