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  • wilkes71 wilkes71 Mar 12, 2013 8:37 PM Flag

    Organizing for Action

    This must be the comedy arm of Obama's "Community Organizing". Here is the latest drivel. "In the county where Megan teaches, 142 schools stand to lose $3 million in funding. The sequester could also slash as much as $2 million in federal funding for special education."
    They are trying to make mountains out of mole hills and much of there following are too stupid to understand.

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    • I actually tuned into Rush Limbaugh for a few minutes today. What was he ranting about? Organizing for America. . .

      Silly dittoheads. This is why you're stupid.

    • "They are trying to make mountains out of mole hills and much of there following are too stupid to understand. "

      their following, not there. Sounds exactly like a tea party gathering to me.
      Obama was a law professor, state senator, US senator, and has been at the highest job in the land for some years now. Oddly dishonest you keep referring to community organizer as if it was the only thjing he did. It was a good part of his life for sure, but short. It doesn't matter though what you say about him, he isn't running again.

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      • You're an Idiot!

      • Thanks for the correction of "their". Obama's "community organizer" experience is demonstrated in his campaign and in his functioning as President. Obama is the one who chose the name "Organizing for Action" for the group that sends out these e-mails. I think that demonstrates that he still views himself as a community organizer. At any rate we should all agree that he is trying to get much more mileage out of the sequester that HE suggested than it merits.

      • Have you noticed recently that Obama's popularity is slipping and almost daily there is yet another 'fact' burned about the impact of sequester? Even today, the press toad contradicted the President about the White House not being involved in the tour shut down. The CDC was called to the liar's table over the level of cuts that sequester forced being less than what Obama's proposed budget cut and yet sequester would force millions of kids to have to skip their shots?

        Every day it seem like we find out more and more about our dear President and his ability to stick to the 'facts' and get them right.

        Of course in liberal speak, these are simply lies by the right or misunderstood misstatements by the administration.

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