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  • froggnot froggnot Mar 14, 2013 2:02 AM Flag

    Does the Constitution give Americans the right to do stupid stuff?

    Today in America there are countless laws and regulations at all levels of government (i.e., Federal, State and local) that regulate the food industry. For the most part these laws and regulations provide Americans with a well regulated food industry that provides food that is generally safe and nutritious.

    In New York City these regulations may have gone too far. The Mayor of New York City feels that it is his role to mandate what he calls "portion control". In other words, because people are getting fat and in some cases sick from eating too much food, then the city has the legal obligation to mandate the size of food portions that can be sold in restuarants within the city limits.

    In other words; since New Yorkers are too stupid to regulate their own food intake, then it is the responsibility of the government to do the job for them.

    Then on the other side of the debate you have the state of Mississippi, that has come to the conclusion that the citizens of their state have the right to do stupid stuff and regulate their own food intake.

    Wow what a concept. Who would have thought that in America an average citizen would have the right to go into a restuarant, order a 32 oz. sugar filled drink, not know the range of calories contained within his or her burger, and super size it if he or she pleases.

    Wow what a concept, giving the average American the right to be responsible for regulating his or her own food intake.

    I sure hope FLOTUS doesn't find out.

    "In your heart you know he is right."

    The Frogg

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    • You can't fix or regulate STUPID!

    • The Constitution leaves quite a bit of power to local governments. Come local governments regulate what stores can be open on Sunday, how baggy your pants may be, where you can smoke, what movies can show, how high the grass can grow, etc.

      Are you from New York City, Froggie? I'm interested because you seem to think it is your role to mandate what the people of New York City, Chicago and everywhere else can and cannot do with their own government. Why do you think you know more than local people who live there what is best for their communities? Should every local government be run by mandate from some dude named Froggie?

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      • Thank you for making my point:

        The good people of New York City have put in place a government that believes it has a mandate to regulate and control the eating habits of its citizens.

        And the good people of Mississippi have a put in place a government that believes that the individual should have some right to regulate and control his or her own eating habits.

        And I think that was your point.

        In the United States we have a federal government that has a limited set of powers which are enumerated within the Constitution. Powers that are not part of this set are left for the states and local governments to regulate and control.

        Bottom line:

        People get the government that they elect, and that is as it should be.

        "In your heart you know he is right."

        The Frogg

    • ...“New Yorkers are too stupid to regulate their own food intake…(The citizens of Mississippi) have the right to do stupid stuff…” – Pond Trash, froggie

      Well, Frog Boy, how admirable of you…once again acting as an Advocate for the Stupid…you’re a veritable Mother Theresa of the Ignorant.

      I think I recently saw that West Virginia just took over as the fattest state from Mississippi, which held that dubious title for a number of successive years. The list I found is probably last year, but, in order, starting with Mississippi, it included these in the top 13:

      Mississippi, Louisiana, West Virginia, Alabama, Michigan, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Indiana, South Carolina, Kentucky, Texas, Missouri, Kansas

      And what do 12 of the thirteen fattest states all have in common, pray tell? That’s right, froggie, they’re all (except Michigan) RED states! (Draw your own intellectual conclusions from that.)

      I’d be interested to hear what your Tea Party cronies have to say about your concept of encouraging stupid fat people to, while they’re busy clogging up their own arteries, to also clog up the hospitals and health care system with obesity related diseases.

      Frankly, I don’t care one way or the other what New York City does. Interestingly, you drop the local and states rights concept when convenient, I notice…don’t like it? Don’t live in, or go to, New York. If you live there and don’t like it, oust Bloomberg next election.Better yet, if the portion’s too small, just order another one. Finished your first 16 oz. sugar water?…get a six pack to go.

      Stupid people do stupid things.

      Stupid people drink way too much then try to drive. We regulate that. Perhaps your “Don’t Tread on Me” concept would eliminate that.

      Stupid people do stupid things with assault weapons, which no one needs for any legitimate reason, but, you’re against any sane regulation there, also.

      Stupid people abuse all types of drugs. Is crystal meth in your list of “don’t tell me what I can and can’t do” parameters?

      Wall St. manipulators, environmental polluters, copyright & trademark infringers, unscrupulous businessmen, quack doctors and myriad others prey on the legions of ignorant masses daily in this country. You and your antiquated and misguided views of the rights guaranteed you by the Constitution would prefer a Laissez- faire concept of “Open Season on the Uneducated.” Let the buyer beware. (Translation…it’s okay to screw people if you’re smarter than them.)

      Perhaps someday we’ll look back on the greed of those who today foist diabetes inducing nourishment on children and the un-suspecting masses, with the same disdain with which we view those Tobacco Industry Executives…you remember them, don’t you…the ones who had the unmitigated gall to testify, to a man and under oath, that nicotine isn’t addictive. Meanwhile they headed up one of the largest mass murders of all time…one that could be considered “Genocide of the Stupid.” I would guess you probably didn’t like that government interference at the time, either.

      Stupid people also listen to people like you, who tell them global warming is a myth, in an effort to protect the very people who are raping the planet for profit.

      Do us a favor, froggie. Round up your other 300 plus pound stupid friends, fill the cooler with beer and jelly donuts, and you boys head on out for a day on your bass boat, “The Clogged Vessel.”

      Oh, drat, those pesky regulators…don’t forget, for a very good reason, you’ll need a fishing license. Oh, and there is a daily limit. Then again, you hillbilly handfishers probably use hand grenades.

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      • I'd rather be fat that a stupid Democrat.

      • I recently talked to a person who moved from the New York City area a few months ago. She said it was an awful place, DANGEROUS, incredibly rude, dirty, with unbelievably expensive utiliites that provided inferior awful service, an overall cost of living out of reach for most ordinary people, forcing them to constantly do without things they need . She immediately brougt up the limit on the size of soft drinks,which surprised me. I never found the subject of interest, didn`t realize people cared that much about it, she did and thought it was ridiculous.

        I said I was under the impression that NYC crime had been cleaned up, that it had been reduced, not necessarily safe and non violent, just not as terrible as some of the other large U.S. cities- cesspools. better than its past crime record. She said absolutely NOT. She said murders are rampant, there is constant civil disobedience, it is DIRTY AND DANGEROUS, the public transportation is absolutely FILTHY, you risk your life to use it, she went on and on about why she left New York. She said the media lies about NYC(like they do about everything else) to keep unsuspecting tourists coming. Of course, if something happens to a tourist, you never hear about that either.

        I also recently read this, Mayor Bloomberg, so focused on the social engineering of New York City, seems to have added a forceful item to his list: a staggering 80% of high school grads entering the City’s community college system can’t perform well enough to take college courses.

        The failure applies across the board: reading, writing, and math.

        What a marvelous mayor Bloombooger was and is. He cares about FAT PEOPLE.

      • Echo said, Stupid people do stupid things with assault weapons, which no one needs for any legitimate reason, but, you’re against any sane regulation there, also.

        Not true. First, they are not 'assault' weapons. There are defensive weapons.

        If a group of the illegel aliens the great black wonder let out of prison attempts to attack a lone person walking down the street after dark, a defensive weapon is necessary to not be maimed and injured and quite often stay alive.

        If a group of thugs break into your home, a defensive weapon is necessary.

        Did you know that NON White on White violence is huge in this country, and that almost always it is a GROUP of non Whites attacking as single White. Defensive weapons are necessary if you want to defend yourself from a GROUP.

      • GOD wrote a whole book, Leviticus, telling people what to eat. GOD should know because it designed us. Daniel took it seriously and was rewarded generously. GOD doesn't compel you to go against your will but there are sure benefits for going GOD'S way and punishments for disobedience; fat and many other maladies. It seems to me that, since this has already been established, government does not need to get involved except maybe to teach Leviticus in our schools. Exercise is just as important as food and we teach that in school. Maybe New York should pass a law that only bicycles can be used for transportation within the city. That would probably do more for obesity than limiting the size of the poison bottles.

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