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  • dan2003hr dan2003hr Mar 15, 2013 12:32 PM Flag

    Lazy Obama finally off his duff

    finally that lazy Obama got around to meeting with legislators to do something, Don't expect much.

    Also see that California is up in arms now that medical insurance payments are rising, as Obama doesn't care opponents predicted. You vote for it, you get it.

    Those costs are coming. Baby Boomers and older, have no fear, Obama doesn't care will result in stabilized to decreasing costs for you. As Nancy said, you have to read it after it passes to understand it.

    Market will continue to grow. Investing has been rewarding the last two years.

    Obama, so lazy that he didn't read it either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • In 2010, Aetna raised its premiums 40% in California. You going to blame that on Obama too?

      This year, Aetna raised some rates 11.9%. If anything, annual rate increases in California are getting lower. The increases are only for some people in the individual and small group market. The insurers claim rising medical costs, critics claim that insurers are gaming the system before health reform goes into effect--trying to move higher-cost (older) members into lower-benefit plans by manipulating prices. Once health reform is in place, this sort of manipulation will be much more difficult.

      Conservatives are trying to prime the propaganda pump in advance of implementation next year. We do know that, before subsidies, premiums will rise for a select group of people in the individual and small group market. We also know that these same people will have access to subsidies and exchanges that should lower their overall out of pocket expenses. They will also have access to better benefits. You will hear conservatives talk alot about premium increases without mentioning the reduction in out of pocket expenses.

      Dan is right though, many of the changes are designed lower the cost of paying for boomer health insurance. Dan seems to think this will work, but the rest of the law is a SNAFU. I think he's wrong. Romneycare/Obamacare are great plans. But if Dan thinks the Republican plan is so bad, why not go single payer?

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      • Spin wicky SPIN.

        Funny, I know and you know that the CA rates are being raised more than your 11.9% and what is clear from your spin is that you are hiding the CA headlines citing 20%+ requests. Are you out of touch or lying? I vote for the latter.

        By the way, I have not rendered an opinion on what will or will not work. It is what you asked for, now you SPIN SPIN SPIN. Why did you leave out the other Ca firms that made the headlines last week asking for 20%+ increases? Why not cite the premium increases and demonstrate to all that the offset is a negative in that payers will be paying MORE.

        Poor widdle wicky spinning again. The millennials, Xers, Yers and more voted for it, then, you get what you asked for. Not a real concern to me. I can afford it.

        It is nice to see that that lazy goof finally, after 4 years bought someone lunch.

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