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  • wilkes71 wilkes71 Mar 21, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

    Balanced budget in five years.

    Ron Paul is presenting a realistic plan to balance the budget in five years. I'm afraid he will get the same results that his dad did. He admits that "President Obama and his big-spending pals in Washington actually believe our expanding budget deficit is sustainable." It is humorous that Obama is so focused on sustainable energy and yet so blind to a sustainable economy.

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    • With Medicare, he wants to basically roll it into Obamacare, so seniors could buy health insurance on a Federal Exchange, with a subsidized high risk pool, and subsidies for low income seniors. He somehow thinks this will be cheaper for seniors (he expects premiums to rise by 90% over Medicare on average, but much of it to be covered by subsidies for lower income seniors) so any savings will come from raising the retirement age to 70 (soemtime in the future) and removing subsidies for higher income seniors. He expects a Medicare budget of $0 in 2014, but then moves the spending to another line "Congressional Health Insurance for Seniors" --which continues to grow at an accelerated rate. So I'm not really sure what he thinks he accomplishes. An Obamacare/Romneycare like exchange for Medicare is not a bad idea, but I'd like to see how they work first.

      With Social Security, he advocates cutting benefits for well-to-do seniors, and, of course raising the retirement age sometime in the future. Nevertheless his budget includes Social Security spending doubling in the next ten years.

      Defense spending also continues to rise.

      So where do the spending cuts come from? You guessed it. Discretionary and safety net spending. Infrastructure, education, unemployment insurance, cut by 50% to 75% this year. In the middle of a slow recovery. All to pay for future increases in old age benefits, which will be severely reduced by the time I retire. He eeks out zero deficit through 2016 but after that unreduced growth in old age spending pushes the deficit back up to half a trillion.

      So yes, wilkes, I think I know exactly what the Tea Party wants.

    • Obama has already publicly stated that unless their plans include his additional taxes and other issues the talks won't succeed. He is saying 'compromise means doing what I want'. That is his standard position and it really handcuffs any Democrat in Congress that had thoughts of actually doing their jobs and negotiating something that might help this country.

    • But would he be getting advice from his lunatic father?

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      • His father is a medical doctor and far from a lunatic. In fact he may be the only sane Congressman that we have had in recent history. If they had taken his advice we would not be involved in Afghanistan and would not have invaded Iraq. We would have had a balanced budget for the last 20 years and be one of the very few countries not in debt. If that is lunacy, we need more lunatics in government.

    • OOPS. I meant RAND Paul

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