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  • froggnot froggnot Apr 2, 2013 1:54 PM Flag

    How many "green jobs" will $529 million buy?

    A case in point:

    o In 2009 the American people gave a $529 million loan guarantee to Fiscker Automotive

    o In 2009 Fiscker Automotive purchased a GM plant in Delaware for the purpose of making electric cars

    o In 2013 Fiscker Automotive furloughed 200 US workers

    o Fiscker Automotive has moved production to Finland and hired 500 workers there

    o To date Fiscker Automotive has produced 40 vehicles and delivered 2

    Bottom line:

    $529 million can buy 500 "green jobs" in Finland.

    Thank you Mr. President for all that you do.

    "In your heart you know he is right."

    The Frogg

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    • How many stories can you tell in a day? Nothing better to do?

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      • "How many stories can you tell in a day? Nothing better to do?"

        How many times can you deny reality in a day, such as clain Obama is not a serial liar, or that he's competent?

      • I think we all have a pretty clear picture of the drill. froggy spends his morning consuming large amounts of media. It's likely he is unable to concentrate on anything substantive for very long so he bounces from CNN to Fox to thumbing through copious amounts of largely redundant "print" media. When he has finished consuming, it is time to regurgitate. He chooses a couple of items to cut and paste, puts nice little bullets on them so that they look like they could be products of original thought and posts them on Yahoo message boards. Cutting and pasting takes much of froggy's afternoon. I suppose that there is also a lot of distracted upping and downing for important tasks like seeing if the mailman has come yet, whether anything has mysteriously appeared in the refrigerator since last time he looked, etc., and whether that lump on his face is growing or if it is the same size it was 25 minutes ago. And for his significant contribution to society, we pay for his medical care and keep a SS check coming to him every month. Waste upon waste.

    • Oh dear! Oh no! Say it isn't so!

      Washington AP today:

      "Obama administration had advance warning on Fisker"

      The article goes on to note that it took the administration nearly a year to come to the conclusion that funding for the auto make should be frozen.

      Wow! Nearly a year to figure out that the American people's money was in jeopardy.

      Thank you Mr. President for all that you do.

      "In your heart you know he is right."

      The Frogg

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      • ...“Oh dear! Oh no! Say it isn't so!...Obama administration had advance warning on Fisker" – Frog boy

        Oh, dear! Oh no! Say it isn’t so! While your right wing blog sources have already retracted the last bunch of nonsense you posted here about the Saudi terrorist being deported, apparently you chose, instead, to just keep throwing out more of your fictionalized versions of events as you see them. Why not post the other viewpoint of the article, which also included this…people are smart enough to decipher their own versions of the truth without your blatant and pathetic birther/swiftboat versions of events.

        (From the story)…

        “Aoife McCarthy, a spokeswoman for the Energy Department, said the June 2010 email was taken out of context.
        "The document shows that one person at a meeting discussed the possibility that Fisker might not meet a financial commitment" required by the Energy Department, McCarthy said in an email. The department received the needed certification five days later and subsequently made the loan payment, she said.
        The documents were released Wednesday by the House Oversight and Government Reform committee, which is looking into the federal loan to the troubled car maker. Continuing financial and production problems has led to the lay-off of three-fourths of its workers.
        White House spokesman Jay Carney accused congressional Republicans of leaking the documents in an effort to embarrass the Obama administration.
        "The committee's efforts to stoke false controversy by selectively leaking a few out-of-context documents just do not stand up to scrutiny," Carney said Wednesday.

        A top Energy Department official said the department acted "decisively" to protect taxpayers' interests since Fisker's financial woes became clear nearly two years ago. Nicholas Whitcombe, former acting director of the car loan program, said the department stopped payments to Fisker in June 2011 after the company failed to meet milestones required in the loan agreement.

        Since then, "the department has continued to communicate with Fisker as it has sought to revise its business plan and achieve profitability," Whitcombe told the committee. The Energy Department is "committed to ensuring that the taxpayers' interests are protected to the maximum extent possible," he added.

        But Rep. Jim Jordan*, chairman of the Oversight subcommittee on economic growth and regulation, said it is hard to understand why the Energy Department ever thought Fisker was a viable company that should receive taxpayer money. "The Obama administration owes the American taxpayer an explanation as to why this bad loan was made in the first place, and what they are going to do to minimize the loss that taxpayers face," said Jordan, R-Ohio.

        Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., said the loan program, which has benefited car companies such as Ford, Nissan and Tesla, was exceeding expectations. The Fisker loan represents less than 2 percent of the car-loan program, Cummings and other Democrats said.

        "There is no evidence that the (Energy) department did anything wrong with this loan," Cummings said. "No evidence that politics played any part in the award to Fisker." – end
        Note: Rep. Jim Jordan is a former state wrestling champion elected to the House from the most Republican District in Ohio. He’s also a darling of the far right. He seems to have concerns about taxpayers’ money, (in this case 171 million). Not surprisingly, however, he has no problems with arguing against the Pentagon’s recommendations to save 3 BILLION dollars on tank production, because the tank plant is in his own District.

        Frog, we’ll be awaiting your next editorial of concern for all of us….something like this…“Oh, dear, Rep. Jordan wants to blow 3 billion dollars when the Pentagon, who should know a bit more about tanks than a grappler turned politician, wants to waste 3 Billion dollars!! In your heart, you know I’m a hypocrite. (Let’s see here…$3,000,000,000 minus $171,000,000 equals 2 Billion, Eight Hundred and Twenty-Nine million worth of hypocrisy.) Ribbit!

    • And "the beat goes on":

      o Fisker = $193 million loss to American tax payer

      o Solyndra = $528 million loss to American tax payer

      o Beacon Power = $39 million loss to American tax payer

      o Chevy Volt = Per unit cost $75,000, sticker price $39,995, each Volt sold costs GM (a federal government owned automobile company) $49,000, by the end of 2012 GM had sold 13,500 units of a projected 40,000 unit sales

      o Of the $10 billion invested in green jobs by the current administration $3 billion has been lost so far

      No you don't need to focus on Fisker to find out how successful the current administration is when it comes to picking winners and losers.

      Thank you Mr. president for all that you do.

      "In your heart you know he is right."

      The Frogg

    • Doesn't look good for Fisker:

      o Fisker Automotive, Inc. laid off up to 80% of its employees

      o Now a class action lawsuit has been filed by Outten & Golden in a California district court

      o The suit claims that Fisker violated the law by not giving employees a 60-day notice that layoffs were coming

      o In 2012, Outten & Golden succeeded in getting bankrupted company Solyndra to pay fired employees a hefty $3.5 million settlement in a similar layoff case

      And "The beat goes on"

      We can get billions for failed "green energy companies", but we can't get one presidential "OK" for the Keystone pipeline.

      Thank you Mr. president for all that you do.

      "In your heart you know he is right."

      The Frogg

    • The Solar thing just got a little more interesting...REALLY!

      Ran this through Truth or Fiction.

      The Tonopah Solar company in Harry Reid's Nevada is getting a $737 million loan from Obama's D.O.E.
      The project will produce a 110 megawatt power system and employs 45 permanent workers.
      That's costing us just $16 million per job.

      One of the investment partners in this endeavor is Pacific Corporate Group (PCG).

      The PCG executive director is Ron Pelosi who is the brother to Nancy 's husband

    • ...But, Froggie…why switch to a different subject when we’re all awaiting your response to the question posed to you about your position on gun control? This seems to be a page out of winholder’s playbook…post lies, get caught, switch subjects.

      To quote Alice, your behavior just gets “curiouser and curiouser.” And even more appropriate to the hokum from you two (froggie & Winnie - The Balderdash Brothers) she continues, “Oh, dear, what nonsense I’m talking.”

    • The workers were furloughed for a week. Fiscker Automotive is a Finnish Company. Of course they hire workers in Finland. It has nothing to do with the loan guarantee to produce cars in the US. Fisker has only exercised $193 million of the *loan guarantee*.

      Do you ever get tired of posting this BS? You get called on it every time. At some point anyone with any self-respect would stop. Man, I think I would shoot myself if I was a cheap hack like you.

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      • Wikipedia says "Fisker Automotive, Inc. is an American automaker based in Anaheim, California". The originator of the company is Finnish and he has resigned from the company which is now partnering with Tesla because Fisker was about to go bankrupt.

      • "Do you ever get tired of posting this BS? You get called on it every time. At some point anyone with any self-respect would stop. Man, I think I would shoot myself if I was a cheap hack like you."

        Nice try, and very selective spin of the truth, but let's look at some facts:

        o "Fisker has hired Kirkland & Ellis, a major bankruptcy law firm, to review the company’s options while it continues to seek investment partners."

        o "The automaker has been working for months to raise $500 million so it could restart production of the Karma, its only model, which is built in Finland."

        o "A bankruptcy liquidation or restructuring could leave the government about $192 million in the hole. That’s what Fisker borrowed under the credit line before funding was shut off."

        Bottom line:

        The American people will probably lose about $192 million on its investment in a Finnish company that has provided 500 green jobs for Finland.

        Again, thank you Mr. President for all that you do.

        "In your heart you know he is right."

        The Frogg

      • What's your source? How do you have access to their loan contracts?

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