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  • zonbac98 zonbac98 Apr 11, 2013 8:29 PM Flag

    The NRA !!


    The NRA is a NORTHERN organization .. and was organized by former UNION GENERAL, just after the Civil War
    His goal was to encourage & teach - specifically 'northerners' that wanted to learn .. about the art & SAFETY of firearms.
    Most southerners had already acquired these skills by nature of their hunting & outdoorsmanship - FACT

    The general saw the short-commings of his boys in uniform and wanted them, as well as all males to have these skills in general life - an early form like "BOY SCOUTS"

    The BSA, it 'was' all about personal behavior, manors and "survival skills" in the wilderness .. not sure about today's BSA ..

    The NRA is still in existence today specificlally for these VERY SAME GOALS of firearms courtesy knowledge & SAFETY ..

    And today, furthering on these goals, AND protecting our rights for ALL "lawbidding" Americans to keep & bear arms .. including today's modern "firearms" and technological SAFETY advances of MODERN FIREARMS - for self-defense & sport etc. - FACT

    This is all about "common sense", but we have those that want to spin the truth to fit their agenda .. having his "photo ops" by parading these greiving families in front of a camera .. and taking advantage of their weakness, and the anger of their loss, strictly for his own agenda of promoting "socialism" in America.

    I grieve for those families too .. however I'm not taking advantage of anyone's state of mind, or emotional distress for personal gain ... Shame on ALL that do !!

    2 Flintlocks duct-taped together is not an adequate way to defend youself in today's society of free-roaming bands of "lawless" thugs .. not to forget the whacko's with "Exacto Knives", firearms etc. .. as Joe (Bonehead) Biden would have you believe - FACT

    (now .. do you want to know how I really feel)

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    • Why is it that when there is a bombing, we after the bombers but when there is a shooting we go after the gun instead of the shooter?

    • "and technological SAFETY advances of MODERN FIREARMS"

      Unfortunately those safety advances didn't prevent someone from spraying 154 rounds into elementary school classrooms in less than 2 minutes, as Adam Lanza did in Newton. Perhaps we should look into implementing such a safety advance? Perhaps the NRA would support that type of safety advance?

    • ...“The NRA is still in existence today specificially (sic) for these VERY SAME GOALS of firearms courtesy knowledge & SAFETY .. but we have those that want to spin the truth…for his own agenda of promoting ‘socialism’ in America.”

      Jon, jon, jon…Son, you have to concentrate more than that…you can’t just mix all of Rush Limbaugh’s talking points together and spew them back out all willy-nilly and expect rational people to follow your convoluted logic…what in the world does gun legislation have to do with “promoting ‘socialism’ in America? And why is socialism in quotation marks? And when are you going to buy a dictionary? And because you spell it “Barko-Lounger”, it looks like your puppy just relieved himself on your Barcalounger. (Is that the one with the built in beer cooler?)

      Okay, we get it. You’re a pistol-packin’, macho, gun-show-attending, nutball who insists the NRA and their anti-gun legislation stance is strictly to preserve your second amendment rights, with no other conflicts of interest guiding their motives (despite an overwhelming number of their own members disagreeing with them on the issue.)

      Okay, let’s take a look at The NRA and those fine folks running the show.

      “For much of its more than 140-year history, the National Rifle Association promoted gun ownership shooting, and hunting as good, clean, constitutionally-protected fun. That changed in the past four decades as the NRA transformed into a hardline group closely allied with the gun industry and the conservative establishment whose only solution to gun violence is ever more guns.” – Dave Giolson, 4/10/13

      An ABC/Washington Post published in January revealed that 86 percent of gun-owning households support a law requiring background checks to close the “loopholes” so prevalent today. Remember these are gun owners, many of whom are actual members of the NRA. So what motivates NRA leaders to remain so out of step with their constituency, flatly rejecting any discussion of legal reform?

      Well, gee, let’s think about it. Oh, right, they have some serious connections to the nearly 12 billion dollar gun industry.

      If you don’t believe that, check out some of the insiders who are either on the Board of Directors, or on the nominating committee which controls who can be on the board.

      David Keene - The current NRA president is the former chairman of the American Conservative Union. In 2003, his son was sentenced to 10 years in prison for firing at another driver during a road rage incident.

      George K. Kollitides II – He’s the chief executive of Freedom Group – which made the Bushmaster military style assault rifle which was used in the Newton Massacre. And get this…he has previously failed to get elected to the Board of Directors several times, but he was appointed (no one will say how) to the nominating committee which controls who gets elected.

      Roger K. Bain - a licensed federal firearms dealer in Pennsylvania (also “appointed” to the nominating committee.

      Ronnie G. Barrett - Founder of Barrett Firearms, and inventor of the .50 sniper rifle, which can penetrate armor from more than 4,500 feet and is legal for civilian purchase in 49 states.

      Robert K. Brown – Founder of Soldiers of Fortune magazine, read by mercenaries and gunmen-for-hire world-wide.

      Then, you’ve also got public luminaries like the following upstanding citizens who are, as hard as it is to believe, also on the Board of Directors of The NRA:

      Larry Craig - The former Idaho senator sponsored a 2005 law protecting gun manufactures from liability in connection with their products being used by criminals. He is, of course, more famous for his stall escapade in a Minnesota Airport restroom.

      Ted Nugent – Nutball rock star, who at the NRA's 2012 annual conference announced, "If Barack Obama becomes the next president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year," leading to an impromptu meeting with the Secret Service. Really, Ted, you need to grow up.

      Grover Norquist – President of Americans for Tax Reform, and originator of “the pledge”. After the Newton massacre, he stated, "We have got to calm down and not take tragedies like this, crimes like this, and use them for political purposes."

      Wayne A. Ross - In 2009, Sarah Palin nominated the former NRA vice president to be Alaska's attorney general, although he did not get the position because of homophobic and sexist comments.

      Oliver North – Iran Contra conspirator who should know something about arms from his illegal dealings in selling them to Iran to fund the Contras. He also diverted a million dollars to his pal, Manuel Noriega.

      Marion Hammer – Originator of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law.

      Jon, you’re well represented by some very like-minded individuals. Unfortunately, you’re all way out of step with most of America.

      And this from The Onion, in 2005:

      The Onion – 300th Anniversary Issue, June 22, 2056 (small headline on front page) "Grave robbers pry valuable rifle from Charlton Heston's cold, dead hands.”

      OMG, jon, they’re comin’ after your guns! You should be okay, because as I recall, you said you have about 18 of them in the household for just you and your dog. Didn’t they tell you when you bought your gun-dog, jon, that gun-dogs don’t really shoot the gun?

    • ...and what do we all have in common...besides illiteracy....poor spelling : whacko's...and thinking anyone cares how you really feel.

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