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  • froggnot froggnot Apr 13, 2013 11:24 AM Flag

    Oh no say it isn't so!

    A federal study by NOAA has revealed that last years "extreme drought" was not caused by "global warming".

    Oh my! Oh dear! What are we to do! Something that every school child knows to be true (i.e., everything is caused by "global warming") has now been determined to be false.

    Quick hide this news story, and never let it see the light of day.

    Fire those idiots at NOAA, and banish them to a penal colony somewhere in Kansas.

    And for goodness sake, don't let Al Gore find out, it could make him feel bad.

    "In your heart you know he is right."

    The Frogg

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    • I've heard the same fairy tales since I was a child. Oh golly gee, we're gonna run out of crude in the next seven years. There are now more proven reserves in the world than ever before. Plus, they've taken air bubbles from glaciers that date back to the ice age. CO2 was higher in them by far than today. How come it didn't create "global warming '" then? These thieves lie about everything to gain filthy lucre and power for themselves. The are capable of anything.

    • There are stats that the earth is getting warmer. It has done it before. It has cooled before. We have been for the past nearly 100 years trying to do things to reduce man caused pollution and it has improved our air quality a great deal. To be arrogant enough to think that we caused all the heating and that we have it in our power to control or change nature is simply stupid. We should and are doing what we can in this country to keep improving our air quality and pollution in general.

      The rest of the world in some very major parts are NOT! We cannot do it all alone, we cannot pay for it all with our treasury, and we are fools if we think we can. Much of the government’s actions are to pad their own pockets, increase taxes that will not be spent on the items for which they claim the money in intended. A great many of those saying we are headed the wrong way and those saying they are wrong are talking to be paid for what they say or just to hear their own voices in public media.

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      • The scientific consensus is that global warming is real and it is man made. Since it is a man made phenomenon it is certainly within our control to do something about it.

        It was the United States that pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol, not the rest of the world. You may be washed up and cynical. You may be content to let China or Europe take the lead on what is the major issue of the 21st Century. I am not.

        America led the way with the sulfur dioxide cap and trade system and we ended the problem of acid rain. There is no reason we cannot do it again.

    • The report says global warming didn't cause the drought. The NOAA and the climate scientists who performed the study do say global warming is real and man made.

      If you think the NOAA is a valid source for climate science, and these particular scientists are able to identify causation in weather patterns, do you also agree with them that global warming is real and man-made?

    • And there you have it, one little pitiful response from the "environmental socialist" religious group.

      Maybe they are learning that the science for man caused global warming is just not there.

      Never fear though, because just when you think that most educated people would have come to the correct conclusion regarding man caused global warming, one of the man caused global warming shamans will appear waving a bone in the air and shouting "see we told you a virgin needs to be sacrificed at the altar of Al Gore's manbearpig".

      Hopefully there are enough real climate scientist now, who can come to our rescue and points out the fallacy of their argument, and we can all say with some certainty that the manbearpig is dead once and for all.

      "In your heart you know he is right."

      The Frogg

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      • ...“Maybe they are learning that the science for man caused global warming is just not there.
        …just when you think that most educated people would have come to the correct conclusion…
        …hopefully there are enough real climate scientist now…” – Bullfrog Goldwater

        Yes, froggie, there are. And despite your repeated efforts to ignore or discredit the international scientific community, science remains science…I know that’s something that you aren’t familiar with as you continually choose to ignore facts and believe whatever supports your preconceived view…on any subject. To wit:

        You lost the election by over 5 million votes, but in your mind the election was fraudulent or the voters were ignorant.

        Half of all Americans are worthless bums seeking hand-outs.

        The President’s a Muslim, communist, socialist, racist, community organizer from Kenya with no birth certificate who stole a Nobel Prize and wants to take over the world. You guys, on the other hand are all Mother Theresa-altruists working for the betterment of all of mankind.

        The polls saying over 90 percent of Americans want gun control legislation are bogus and made up by the fascists coming after your guns. The NRA cares only about sportsmen and not the gun industry.

        All media, worldwide, except Fox are liars.

        Obama Care wants to kill your grandmothers.

        Education is for losers and smart people are elitists…and God doesn’t work miracles for smart folks.

        Women, people of color, gays and other minorities are inconsequential in your grand scheme of things.

        Only you know the one true God, and he is 100 percent on your side in all issues. Everyone else is wrong, and if they don’t follow your view of love and peace in the world, they deserve a drive-by smitten.

        The world is only 6000 years old.

        Conception begins after a quart of Jack Daniels.

        Global warming is a hoax because jon, lew and frog boy said so.

        After a while, your intentional deception goes from being simply ignorantly silly, to borderline criminal behavior.

        “…perhaps the real reason that Governor Perry, and like-minded laissez-faire proponents, deny global warming and contend that government regulations hold back business and plea for smaller government and self-regulation is this; Texas, the center of America’s oil and gas industry, also is the number one emitter of the major green house gas – carbon dioxide – in this country today.

        Is it any wonder, then, why he disavows the findings of the National Academy of Sciences, as well as the overwhelmingly accepted consensus of 18 scientific organizations, whose statement to The Senate concluded:

        “Observations throughout the world make it clear that climate change is occurring, and rigorous scientific research demonstrates that the greenhouse gases emitted by human activities are the primary driver.” *

        * Letter to the Senate, October 29, 2009 from The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and U.S. Global Change Research Program, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Chemical Society, American Geophysical Union, American Institute of Biological Sciences, American Meteorological Society, American Society of Agronomy, American Society of Plant Biologists, American Statistical Association, Association of Ecosystem Research Centers, Botanical Society of America, Crop Science Society of America, Ecological Society of America, Natural Science Collections Alliance, Organization of Biological Field Stations, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Society of Systematic Biologists, Soil Science Society of America, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

        There you have it…please take your time and read who made the above statement. I once again encourage you to make some kind of serious attempt to come up with some legitimate source to counter all of these folks and to support your ridiculous point of view…Eddie Munster doesn’t cut it, boys and girls.

        Would you suggest that all of the above scientific organizations are all in a conspiracy? For what purpose? Who benefits by denying that global warming is happening – the people that are causing it, or some clandestine group of scientists trying to start new green industries for personal gain? What a silly question. Basic logic in no way supports your view…in anything.

        In your heart, you know fossil humans support fossil fuels.

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