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  • zonbac89 zonbac89 Apr 17, 2013 8:38 PM Flag

    Wonderful speech

    Did you hear The President's speech this evening? Obama did a great job presenting the case for reasonable gun control, and castigated a Congress that is not responsive to its constituents. "Do they really think that 1,000s of families whose lives have been changed by gun violence have no right to be heard on this matter?" Every day that I wake up and Obama is The President, I say a quiet prayer of thanks (!!)

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    • Obama clearly is the best reading President we have had in some time. Good speech writers! Did you realize that it was the Senate that voted and not the Congress? Probably not!

    • What this liver lipped con man is doing has nothing to do with "gun control". It has to do with making us all slaves to a totalitarian "Communist" dictatorship. The ultra wealthy "elite" financed "Communism" right from the get go. They know it's much better to own and control a whole country (or the world) than any corporation. Look up Kuhn Loeb & Co. and it's head in 1917, Jacob Schiff. His son boasted to the New York Times in 1941 that his father financed Leon Trotsky (Bronstein) to the tune of 20 mil. from his personal fortune in 1917. "Igor's" (Al Gore) daughter is married to Schiff's great Grandson.

    • Yes, he is truly a great President. This is who we needed. I also thank God he is our President.

    • What a wonderful sentiment. I also pray for the president and all government officials.

      I was just wondering, could it be possible that some of the constituents of those in congress, who received the president's wrath, asked their senator to vote the way he or she voted?

      Or was the president saying that the senators should ignore their constituents and vote the way he (the president) wants them to vote?

      Just wondering.

      "In your heart you know he is right."

      The Frogg

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      • ...“…could it be possible that some of the constituents of those in congress, who received the president's wrath, asked their senator to vote the way he or she voted?” – frogg

        Of course that’s possible…we all know that. Keep in mind the polls also show about 11% who want even LESS regulation of guns than what we currently have…that would be people like you, Frogg.

        So, you and the NRA have won this round, which is only round one. Unlike you folks who deny everything when you don’t get your way, or insist the election was a fraud or the voters were stupid, I will acknowledge what happened yesterday, as unfathomable as it was. Sadly, it speaks volumes about how America is viewed by many around the world as an extremely violent society of discordant and frightened individuals, not unlike the wild-west of old.

        I, for one, am ashamed of what happened yesterday and incredulous that anyone would feel reason to celebrate the non-action of our elected leaders. What follows is a story from December, about how our close friends, The Australians, dealt with gun control legislation, even when led by a Prime Minister who was staunchly conservative. And their actions were far more restrictive than the watered down proposal that was defeated yesterday.

        Again, keep in mind, few fights are won or lost in round one.

        Australians Urge U.S. To Look At Their Gun Laws
        by Stuart Cohen

        As the U.S. wages a debate on its gun laws, some Australians are urging Americans to consider their experience.

        For Australia, the turning point came on April 28, 1996, when a lone gunman opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle in Port Arthur, a popular tourist destination in the state of Tasmania. Thirty-five people died and another 23 were wounded in the killing spree that became known as the Port Arthur massacre, Australia's worst mass shooting. (cont.)

      • "asked their senator to vote the way he or she voted?"

        Since 90% of Americans support the provisions in the bill that is doubtful. It was simply a technical change to existing law, one that acknowledged the internet exists. This should have been done years ago without challenge and as Obama said, most Americans already expect their government is preventing felons and the insane from purchasing weapons.

        The NRA works (like most special interest groups) by funding primary challenges to people who vote against their wishes. The YouTube video they put out about Cantor being identical to Obama was a shot across the bow for him. They were not threatening to support the Democratic candidate, but to fund a primary challenger. That challenger might not win, but would at least make life difficult for Cantor. He would have to expend funds and political capital and move to the right--all things which could hurt him in the general election.

        These tactics are less effective in the Senate, but the NRA began flexing its muscles right after the Newton shooting--starting with the Cantor video. They immediately indicated they would go after anyone who even bent a little on gun legislation--including a powerful and close ally to the NRA.

        Obama is right. We have to target the NRA.

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