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  • ricky1820l ricky1820l Apr 30, 2013 6:17 PM Flag

    WSJ: Prepare for Obamacare Shock

    The Affordable Care Act will cause millions of Americans to pay more for their health insurance, lose their coverage, or have their work hours curtailed, according to Stanford business and law professor Daniel Kessler.

    Oliver Wyman consultants estimate that single adults aged 21-29 will endure a rate hike of 46 percent, even after premium assistance from tax credits.

    In addition, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that Obamacare will cause 3 million people to lose their insurance completely in 2014. And it expects that 6 million will have to pay the individual-mandate tax penalty in 2016, because they don't want or can’t afford coverage.

    In total, it appears that there will be 30 million to 40 million people damaged in some fashion by the Affordable Care Act

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    • Yea...those millions that were not paying for their healthcare will now have to pay

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      • You are wrong, you will just have to pay more to make up for those who won't/can't pay. If millions can't afford care now and have chosen to do without it how will Obamacare change that, they still can't afford it especially since under Obamacare healthcare has gotten more expensive. Most have seen at least a 30% increase in cost since it was implemented. How compassionate is it to fine a family for not having healthcare insurance when they choosing to use the money to put food on the table instead? What will happen if they can't afford to pay the fine will Obama put them in jail?

    • Democrats resposible for the bill are pointing their fingers at the administration, saying that the chaotic implementation of the law and its ongoing unpopularity are the fault of the president and his team. And calling the implementation a “train wreck” is kind compared to what Democrats say about the law behind closed doors. .
      For the overwhelming majority, the only thing they have seen is higher premiums and warnings of increased costs and potentially lost coverage to come.

    • hahahahahahahaha, yeah right, hahahahahahaha

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    • No. Oliver Wyman Consultants estimates that single adults aged 21-29 who are not added to their parent's health insurance (which those age 21-26 can be under Obamacare), who do not have health insurance through an employer, who earn 400% of the FPL (about $46,000), and who choose the best plans in the exchange, may increase by as much as 42% in some states--but you guys just can't help lying, can you?

      Oliver Wyman also notes that under the ACA, these 21-29 year olds can opt to purchase a catastrophic coverage plan (the plan most often chosen by young, healthy individuals)--which Wyman notes is unaffected by Obamacare, will be much cheaper than other plans on the exchange, and provides a great safety valve for those on the exchange who may experience increases in traditional plans).

      That's the short criticism of Kessler, who works for the Hoover Institute. Wyman's prediciton for some 21-29 year olds is widely cited by AHIP, without referencing the caveats and alternatives cited by Wyman himself. You can read Wyman's article. Just do a Google search for "Oliver Wyman" and "Contingencies" where the article appeared in January.

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      • So what you are saying is the WSJ article is correct. If you want a stripped down bare bones insurance policy that pays for almost nothing than perhaps you can avoid a 42% increase but you will see an increase nonetheless. These stripped down policies are probably not worth the cost since they cover almost none of the normal care you get today.
        Please don't ignore the CBO findings
        the Congressional Budget Office estimates that Obamacare will cause 3 million people to lose their insurance completely in 2014. And it expects that 6 million will have to pay the individual-mandate tax penalty in 2016, because they don't want or can’t afford coverage.

    • You are right its a liberal disaster...

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      • ----You are right its a liberal disaster...----

        No, its nothing like what Obama wanted..but had to compromise with Republicans....its the same program the GOP used in 1994 to counter what they called HillaryCare.
        They dusted it off in 2009, to counter what Obama wanted.......and Obama pulled a fast one on them by signing it....
        better to get something rather than nothing

      • "Catastrophic insurance doesn't cover doctor's visits, so you would limit visits and choose lower cost providers."

        Great drive young families with young children who require frequent dr. visits to a catastrophic plan that pays for nothing. I hope young families remember to good old days before they were forced to Obamacare during in future elections.

        "The CBO expects 3 million people will find it beneficial to move from their current insurance to the exchanges"
        BS How can that be? the exchange would be insuruance coverage the CBO is saying 3 million will loose coverage under Obamacare.

      • But, but hubcap, it wasn't a "liberal" plan, don't you know that? It was a republican idea, now used in MA thanks to Romney. Hubcap, when did the plan turn "liberal?" hahahahahaha

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