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  • hotdoggitwiggie hotdoggitwiggie May 15, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    Tremor du jour


    What’s your tremor du jour, citizen? Hooligans with guns? A twitchy NRA with even more guns? Chechen morons with unregistered cookware? The IRS?
    Ah, the IRS, doing what the IRS does best: being sort of hateful, targeting various groups it doesn’t like, adding pressure to groups it feels are some sort of threat, nailing little people from whom it feels it can suck some extra dollars. Nothing new there.
    Except now, now the IRS overstepped even its own ignoble rules in targeting some dumber-than-thou conservative groups, right around the last election. How utterly stupid. How utterly embarrassing. How utterly pointless.
    Then again, who doesn’t know the IRS targets specific demographics all the time? Who doesn’t know that this is essentially what the IRS does? Do you know how many (liberal, wonderful, not the slightest bit rich or threatening) friends I have who run small businesses that the IRS has decided to audit, for no other reason than it’s far easier to scrape a few bucks from 10,000 little guys than it is to go after one heavily armored, tax-exempt megacorp? Lots, that’s how many.
    Do you know who’s laughing hardest about the current IRS microscandal? All those giants of industry that escape billions in taxes by way of various loopholes, exemptions, armies of expensive tax attorneys. Carry on, rich people – go get richer. It’s OK, no one’s looking. The worst part of this little IRS scandal? Nope, not that Obama is having another Worst Week Ever. It’s that the Tea Party is suddenly back in the national spotlight, all righteous and spittle-flecked, full of its usual inbred nonsense, when it was all but dead a week ago. Worse still: If the GOP has its way, we’ll be hearing the Tea Party’s nasally shriek through the 2016 elections. Thanks, IRS.

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