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  • ltcolhen ltcolhen May 18, 2013 3:46 PM Flag

    Bobbie Woodward

    Interesting ole Bob, the God of Watergate,is suggesting that the attack in Libya is on a par with Watergate .WOW! His statement is interesting in the fact that all of the rewrites put out by this administration sort of has an odor of well lets tell them this happened instead of the truth as ole tricky #$%$ did . This could get very interesting ...close to an election ...obama bragged of wiping out al-queda...guess what now we spin so not to lose votes....not lie as these politicians say...just our version of the truth This is a potential coverup and if so then let the chips fall where they may . This government has no direction ...the IDIOT in charge has no leadership qualities...this has been proven over and over again by " I learned about those troubles the same day as you from a television program I watched " SPOKEN BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE US !!!!!!!

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