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  • lavendarsen lavendarsen May 19, 2013 7:26 PM Flag

    The U.S., especially the South has almost been destroyed

    White Europeans(especially White men) are being removed from all aspects of leadership and power in this country. What is remarkable is that many of the fewT Whites who do remain in positions of leadership and influence are working diligently to further eliminate the White majorities and culture in their own regions by advocating and working to legalize millions of non White illegal aliens, while at the same time advocating for more third world immigration ( eliminating jobs for their U.S. citizens).

    Here are some(not all) of the cities(many are MAJOR CITIES) and whole states in the South headed by people who are NOT White European Americans. Are people still so ignorant to rant about White Southerner`s waving the confederate flag(I say - more power to them)?

    South Carolina, Louisiana, Columbia SC, Memphis, Jackson MS, Charlotte NC, Jacksonville, Fl, Tallahassee FL, Miami FL, Richmond VA, Birmingham, Atlanta, Savannah, Charlotte, NC, Richmond, VA, Mobile, AL,

    Here are major cities and states outside the South headed by people who are NOT White European Americans.

    New Mexico, Baltimore, MD, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Washington DC, NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Tucson(a Rothschild to boot), San Francisco, Oakland CA, San Diego..........

    At the top of the totem pole, a colored, most likely illegal alien.

    Prepare if you are White. You are being kicked out of your own country.

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    • The Constitution disagres with you. Science disagree with you. The Bible disagrees with you.

      There is one human race, all came from the same source, pick science or Bible to support which you like.

      Go read about it and learn things. Love all your brothers and sisters, you will be happier and more relaxed.

    • White Europeans built the US into the greatest country in the world. Now minorities from every failed country and culture, some of which never made it out of hunter gatherer status are taking over and making the US into an image of their beloved failed homelands.

    • Glad to see you weren't the one to hit the lottery. . .

    • Know you don't believe scripture but it predicts just what you are saying. It also predicts a violent and sudden end for those running the operation. It comes from the heavens and will take the one that used a dragon or serpent as his symbol and those that follow him and put them away once and for all. Time has no meaning for God. Many think because He doesn't pay on Friday that he doesn't pay at all.

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      • Lewcor, I read that archeological evidence was found (tools, if i remember correctly) suggesting Europeans may have lived in North America before Native Americans. That they possibly were eliminated by Native Americans.

        Too many Whites seem to think they are exempt from genocide, they are so brainwashed believing they are guilty of White entitlement and so afraid of being considered supremacist by the colored racists. The colored races are most likely laughing and sneering at their stupidity WHILE THEY TAKE OVER THE COUNTRY.

        However, for whatever reason, I am not convinced the evil psychopaths working to eliminate us will succeed. Life does have a way of putting even the most powerful and wealthy in their place, just like it does everyone else.

    • Absolutley lav..(!!) It is time someone on this board "TOLD" the truth like you..(!!) Please keep posting until everybody understands how right you are..(!!) We are in danger, DANGER and I am sooooo glad I have my guns and food stockpile..(!!)..

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