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  • wilkes71 wilkes71 May 20, 2013 12:27 PM Flag

    Obama hates honest elections

    In 2010 Catherine Engelbrecht established an organization named "True The Vote". The purpose was to recruit and train people to monitor the 2012 election. She applied to the IRS for 501(c)4 status so her donators could get a tax deduction. Her organization had no political affiliation and was not advocating any party or candidate. Her husbands business in 20 years had never been visited by any bureaucrat but since 2010 has been hounded 17 times by the IRS, FBI, OSHA, and BATF. The cost of supplying answers to all their question has been hundreds of thousands of dollars. She still has not received her 501(c)4. The time required prevented her from being very effective in preventing fraud in the election but her organization has been helpful in prosecuting 38 people for fraudulent activities.

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    • "She still has not received her 501(c)4"

      Good! Hypocrites

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    • True the Vote is a branch of the Texas Tea Party.

      This is why honest people feel the need to scrutinize Tea Brains--you lie consistently. It should be understood that we are not dealing with the Girl Scouts here. We're dealing with hardline extremists who, in the case of True the Vote, work to disenfranchise voters.

      This is America, so even Tea Brains deserve equal protection under the law. But True the Vote does not deserve 501(c)4 status and it should not lie (as it did to the IRS and to you) about its political purpose.

      Even though the targeting was inappropriate, it is cases like these that make it understandable that workers dealing with an influx of 501(c)4 applications would use Tea Brains as a shortcut.

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      • Tell us some of lies. You won't and can't. While you are at it tell us why the gun runners to Mexico haven't been charged with the crimes they are guilty of. Also, why Goldman-Sachs officers that were behind the housing derivatives and the lies used to sell them haven't been charged? Instead, they've all been rewarded with government jobs handling our money. The Fed, The Treasury and the IRS are just three of the top jobs occupied by these people courtesy of George Bush and the Kenyan.

      • "This is America, so even Tea Brains deserve equal protection under the law."

        Yes, they do, but they didn't get it. That is part of the problem. They didn't get it and the government is trying to cover it up. You can't make excuses for incompetence and disregard for the people's right and freedoms, but they are sure trying hard to make it look like a mistake. They think the only mistake was getting caught.

      • "This is why honest people feel the need to scrutinize Tea Brains". And who are these "honest People". Attorney General Eric Holder, who of course heads the Justice Department, has done everything in his power to prevent voter identification laws from being implemented. Another example of your tax dollars at work. One should expect the DOJ to be the most interested in preventing voter fraud; but not Eric.

      • So you think it is OK to harass people you think may be part of another party? The only people they were attempting to disenfranchise were those who were not eligible to vote.

    • It can't be true that Obama doesn't want fair elections. He doesn't know what his government is doing. There are those that believe in hands on management, some practice management by wandering around...Obama manages by not knowing what anyone in his administration is actually doing.

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