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  • dot1996 dot1996 May 31, 2013 8:11 AM Flag

    Treasury Yields

    No one buys this stock for its growth , they buy for its yield, in the past month the bond market has been going going down causing rates to go up, that is whats causing the selling in T and VZ and the rest of the utilities, if this continues,, well you could see it much much lower no one really know how low,,,,all depends on the bond market and the fed...

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    • No one buys this stock for its's growth ?????

      In my opinion - If one is a smart investor, this should be a very relavant part of about a 5 part investment strategy criteria for "long term"

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      • I'm on the edge of my seat ;-) What are your 5 points?
        I have some T in my buy and hold account, but I've also been dabbling in options. I sold 4, $35 August puts yesterday. If executed, I'll get over a 5% yield while holding the shares, if not, I still picked up $400. Don't over look that the dividend is not fixed. It's gone up 36% in the last 10 years. Money in the bank doesn't do that.

      • Thanks jon. Rest assured that we all sit back in rapt anticipation of those rare occasions you deign to share your investing wisdom with us. "An investment strategy criteria", eh? And that criteria has 5 parts to it does it. Would you care to elucidate the 5 parts of your "criteria". We can leave our discussion of your tortured syntax (yet another) for later. Chuckles..

    • beau287 May 31, 2013 9:36 AM Flag

      YES i stated that ysterday ....might as well go to 10 and be done with I will never go inthe market again after this
      I got nailed good guess I will just take a divy for life and quit looking at it for 5 yrs

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