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  • wilkes71 wilkes71 Jun 13, 2013 9:11 PM Flag

    Fair Tax Originator dies

    Leo Linbeck, Jr. Passed away 6/8/13. We must not let Fair Tax die with him. It makes too much sense to get through Congress without pressure from us. It will take a grass roots effort of tremendous proportion on each Congress person to get them interested. It might be a winning plank in the platform of a candidate in the next Presidential election if we yell loud enough.

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    • Poor people need to pay the same percentage of their incomes as rich people. What makes them special? They are probably working for a rich person, not a poor one.

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      • The rich almost always pay LESS percentage than working poor. Warren Buffet pays LESS % than his secretary, etc. The reason they pay MORE in amount is they make MORE. Is amount and percent so hard for you to understand? The reason poor people are special is that they aren't living off the excess of their wealth, but need it all to live. They shouldn't have to pay more, in %, than the rich. It's called America where everyone has equal rights under law, one vote, and all men are created equal. Rich and poor we are all equal citizens. We help our poor from our personal excess. If you like aristocracy and peasantry there may be an island you can go to and start your own medieval style country..

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    • I am for a flat tax (not fair tax) flat tax NO EXEMPTIONS for no one at no time. If your co has a business meeting in Vegas just pay the bill or stay home. If you buy 10 jets just pay the tax and go all you want.
      If you are going to start rebait tax and exemptions may leave what we have. The flat tax is added in now at the cash register for employee - fed - state -local and all other, but the big boys get their loophole and write off.

    • I've mentioned many times to people to read the tax system in the OT. What is called the "tithe" was actually a tax. The Levites were civil servants. A very few were in the temple. Little of the tithe actually went for religious purposes. The tax was based on "increase". Very similar to a capital gains tax. It had an odd variable nature from year to year but came to about 13% of "increase."

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      • Leo Linbeck supported a national sales tax, not a flat tax. Since wealthy people tend to save more of their income than poor people this shifts the burden of taxation to the poor. It is hardly what most people consider fair.

        Now, as the population gets older and fewer people are earning an income, it may be possible to use a sales tax to recoup the taxes boomers failed to pay during their lifetimes, and use it to pay for the debt they accrued and the benefits they voted for themselves.

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