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  • lewcor lewcor Jun 15, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

    Interesting item regarding pay for volunteer fire fighters.

    I'll try to check this out further but a man I trust told me yesterday that people that volunteered to fight the forest fires in Arizona have not been paid to date. My father and I volunteered for a fire in the Cleveland Nat. Forest in 1950. We worked 8-10 days and were paid promptly. Even got our pictures taken in front of the Descanso Ranger station waiting to fill the papers out by the San Diego Union Tribune. When the Federal Government doesn't pay wages due something is very wrong.

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    • Doesn't "volunteer" mean helping without compensation. I understand paying for food or transportation. Unless, of course there were negotiated wages involved.

    • Bongo Bongo and family are going to Africa this month. The cost of the trip may reach $100 million. Why don`t they just go to Chicago, Detroit, Florida etc, no difference. It would be a whole lot cheaper.

      For the first time in American history, White deaths outnumber White births, the beginning of the end of the White majority and possibly the White race, unless immigration, birth rates and other factors change.

      When you consider though, the genocidal brainwashing of Whites it is not surprising. We were taught to be good residents of the earth, not to over populate it, in fact to decrease our population in order to save the earth. PUKE. And we were taught to save all other races, to help them survive and not our race, without knowing that colored populations were and are exploding while our own race declined . PUKE.

      And all the wars that have destroyed generations of White men, their health, their genes, their lives and their future generations. Vietnam , Korea, the middle eastern wars and all sorts of global skirmishes. Whites were the major casualties in all of those wars, Whites were used to benefit a criminal elite and possibly to further the genocide of Whites.

      Latinos Blacks and Asians have healthy birth rates though. As planned, imo, to replace Whites in our own country.

      Most ordinary Whites should prepare for a bleak future. We have intentionally been misled and really really screwed.

    • I meant these men worked LAST summer. Nearly a year ago.

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