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  • froggnot froggnot Jun 28, 2013 4:07 PM Flag

    What have we learned today from our MSM?

    If you are a "creepy #$%$ cracker" community watch captain, and you are getting the heck beaten out of you by an innocent mixed race young boy using MMA style fighting methods, then you should have the good sense to let the young boy either kill you or put you in hospital with possible brain and/or facial injuries, because if you are a mixed raced Latino male, then you are white and you know that white people are always wrong when it comes to defending themselves and their rights (unless they are gay).

    "In your heart you know he is right."

    The Frogg

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    • I'm just throwing this out here, but maybe creepy #$%$ cracker's shouldn't be following young kids around in the middle of the night.

      You can pretend that Martin started this situation but he clearly did not start it and tried to avoid it--including trying to talk to Zimmerman and finally running away from him.

      But you are what you are and you demonstrate it repeatedly.

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      • Ricky, Ricky, you know as well as anyone that the trial is still in progress and that no verdict has been reached. I thought you believed in our justice system and our Department of Justice? Why not wait until all the facts are known and fairly evaluated before you rush to judgment? Are you just following the example of your fearless leader and jumping to conclusions? You don't know squat about what happened that night unless you were there as a witness. Where you? If not, you just need to shut up.

    • Time our people quit being cowed by the real racists. I never was and got in lots of trouble in school and afterward as a result. I see a news item of Black So. Africans protesting Obama's visit to Africa. They say he's there to steal their wealth. Does that make them "racist?"

    • Yea your right white people built this country. Your muggle race is always needing repirations. On the majority you are takers not producers. Look at all the places you come from. Mud huts and dirt roads. You and your kind is the problem you are not a solution. Waiting for your check I expect. Sad very sad....

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