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  • froggnot froggnot Jul 4, 2013 3:40 PM Flag

    Happy Independance Day everyone

    Based upon the latest Gallup Poll (July 1 through July 4, 2013), I am 93% sure that if you are a Republican you are "Extremely/Very" Proud that you are an American.

    Further, based upon the same poll, I am 89% sure that if you are a Conservative you are "Extremely/Very" Proud that you are an American.

    Nice to know that there are still some people left in this country who recognize the value of what a few good men accomplished during the month of July in 1776, and that that spirit is still alive in this great country.

    "In your heart you know he is right."

    The Frogg

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    • "Crown thy good, with brotherhood." That's in a song about America. Brotherhood is the crown of America. The right wing haters aren't doing that, especially towards our President.

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    • There's a difference between thinking you're patriotic and actually being patriotic. I'm sure most of you Tea Brains consider yourselves honest too. . .

    • Yes, and the other 7% are like you, gathered from all your complaining about our country. President Obama is 100% proud of America. Duly electing their President, proud Americans follow democracy and support their President, regardless if the election went their way. Whatever poll you see about Republicans loving America, add 5% to the value for Democrats, who understand America is for all, not some.
      It's so right wing nut job to think they are the patriotic ones, but in fact they seem to be interested only in politics, not the country.

    • ...So, Frog Boy, how nice of you to comment on the state of our union! The poll was taken just this week, and you state that 93% of Republicans and 89% of Conservatives are “Extremely/Very Proud” to be an American. Well, there ya’ go…obviously the administration in power is doing a lot to make everyone happy.

      Gee, it’s pretty bizarre then, that all you do is complain about how horrible things are. Why is that, do you suppose, if all you folks are extremely proud to be an American? Of course the Liberal and Democrats weren’t very far behind in those categories either (76 and 81 percent) and they both had more Moderately Proud than either of your groups. But your silly point, as usual, was to suggest you have the monopoly on patriotism…which is as bogus as most of your other points.

      And, of course, as proud as you are, the rest of that Gallup Poll, which you conveniently left out, also points out the following:

      When asked if they believed that the signers of the Declaration of Independence would be pleased of disappointed at how the United States has turned out, quite a different story was told:

      Pleased – Conservatives: only 15% Republicans: only 12% …… Liberals: 41% Dems:42%
      Disappointed – Conservatives: 83% Republicans: 86% ….. Liberals: 54% Dems:56&

      Gee, froggie, for being so proud, you sure are one unhappy lot. You also should look at the moderates in these numbers, but moderation is not in your vocabulary.

      So, let’s recap. This week over three quarters of all Americans say they are extremely proud or very proud to be an American. I’m glad you pointed that out. Do you know what the numbers from the same poll were back in 2001 were (total)? Who was governing then? Probably not, or you wouldn’t have brought it up. Extremely proud: 55% Very proud: 32%

      In your heart you know you really need to be more honest with people, Gremlin.

      Happy Fourth to you and yours.

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