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  • echo.2l65 echo.2l65 Jul 9, 2013 2:47 PM Flag

    .. FISA and us (U.S.) ...


    An interesting read from the A.P. !!

    A Fed. Judge , James Robertson .. that served on the FISA Court from 2003 - 2005 .. indicated the FISA Court is a "greatly" flawed Court ... it's nothing more than an extention of the Executive Branch of the Federal Goverment.

    Oh .. but this Judge served the FISA Court during the "Bush" Administration you say ??

    YES he did .. and indicating further that a REAL Court hears arguements from TWO sides .. for fairness, not just the Gov'ts point of view - FACT !!

    The article went on to state that this Court was GREATLY expanded in 2008 (oh really) to give powers to the F.B.I. Branch of the Fed. Gov't, who's agents did not have to identify themselves (in certain areas).

    OH NO, say it ain't so ~ EXPANDED in 2008 (??) ... under our new most transparent Obama Administration ??
    (dadgumit ... we wuz fooled again)

    Well, this is a very interesting read - on Yahoo's Home Page !!

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