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  • echo.2l65 echo.2l65 Jul 9, 2013 5:16 PM Flag

    ... Congrats to Chicago & State of Illinois ..


    You may now apply for your "Conceal Carry Permits" !!

    YEP ... your elected representatives voted it in - your Gov. vetoed the bill .. but your reps still had enough votes to "over-ride HIS veto" ~ congratulations !!

    OH MY .. dem boys in da hood ain't gonna like dat !!

    .... sorry echo, sorry icky, sorry peekapoo, sorry Mayor Bloomers, sorry Mr. President ... (smiles)

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    • Did Chicago reps vote for it?

      I like Illinois, had considered moving there, but with the huge budget problems and the control Chicago seems to have over the rest of the state, it didn``t seem like the right thing to do. Besides when I visited towns and cities that I had not been in for a long time, I was amazed at how overrun some of them were with colored people. No thanks, I want to live among predominantly White people. Most of those colored folks really don`t like Whites, and can`t wait until they dictate to us. In Illinois it doesn`t look they will have to wait very much longer.

    • I recently read the drug cartels have now infiltrated Oregon and many of its forests. They`re real low key at this point, committing murders and violence with few realizing they are responsible. Supposedly most Oregonians do not realize their state has been infiltrated. It probably won`t be long though until the cartels will want Oregonians to know they have arrived, let them know they plan to control their forests and wild lands like they do in many parts of California, from what I`ve read.

      It could be dangerous to visit a national forest or park unarmed, apparently.

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