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  • geoff_holt_2001 geoff_holt_2001 Jul 14, 2013 4:41 PM Flag

    Media reshaping who is a minority in America

    The media and several high profile blacks insist on calling Zimmerman white even though he is Hispanic. Is this a push to remove Hispanics from being classified as a minority and they should now be considered white? This has happened to often to be an accident. What is going on here?

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    • I find it strange that some in the media excused their calling Zimmerman white, because he was of mixed heritage, one parent Hispanic and one white...a condition that they don't use on the President, he is simply black.

    • Zimmerman is not only mestizo, he is also of African ancestry.

      Maybe the media is trying to change White identity, to further marginalize it and White culture. That`s what they do on teevee every hour of everyday. They have White kids trying to imitate other races and cultures.
      Not many do though, most innately have no desire to be like the coloreds.

      Teeeveee stinks, I can`t stand watching it because I do not like to watch other races all the time, and it is absolutely repulsive the way they are trying to rewrite history on the teevee. According to the boob tube, Africans, Asians, Mestizo, Indians etc created electricity, the telephone, space travel, and fought and won every war this country has fought. PUKE PUKE PUKE.

      I wonder how many other White men and women are repulsed by the teeeeveeee.

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      • I kinda think the reason the Whitesouthern heterosexual male has been so despised, ridiculed and slandered by the media is jealousy. So many of those good ole boys have innate mechanical, engineering and survival capabilities that the people ridiculing them could never achieve. In many ways they are dependent on the good ole boys, so to keep them down they ridicule them.ak

        They`re making every effort though to teach the coloreds the good ole boy skills, so they can eliminate and push them aside. I suppose with enough of the White man`s schools and resources they will eventually find some of the coloreds who can replace them. Like wow, they have an African heading NASA now, so I guess anything is possible, right? laugh

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