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  • lavendarsen lavendarsen Jul 15, 2013 2:50 PM Flag

    Immigrant Gains and Native Losses In the Job Market, 2000 to 2013

    Pert the center for immigration studies, 'While jobs are always being created and lost, and the number of workers rises and falls with the economy, a new analysis of government data shows that all of the net gain in employment over the last 13 years has gone to immigrants (legal and illegal). From the first quarter of 2000 to the first quarter of 2013, the number of natives working actually fell by 1.3 million`

    The creeps in the Senate voted to legalize the illegal lawbreakers taking legal citizens jobs and to make immigration to this country easier. When in fact they should all be DEPORTED not rewarded.

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    • I guess the idea that immigrants are lazy and on the dole is out the window then. Maybe you should get your lazy #$%$ off the couch and get a job.

    • Our immigration process is not broken other that by the fact that we don't enforce the laws on the books. There is a law that required the Congress to appropriate the funds to continue building the fence that was in the law passed in 1986. They have not done so. They are now going to put those who choose to come here in violation of our laws, ahead of those that have worked hard and followed the rules. This administration is constantly speaking of fairness and this is one of the most one-sided acts they have yet taken.

      We have an illegal immigration issue. We have it because Congress and other branches of our government that are assigned the tasks to reduce and control this issue have not done their jobs, often times not even trying to do their jobs. We have Justice Department and an Executive branch that less than judiciously select which laws they choose to enforce. I beg anyone to find it written in the Constitution or anywhere else that these members of our government have this latitude.

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      • You should get a job too, but not as a civics teacher. You think the Constitution lets you punch someone and then shoot them and call it self defense. And you think separation of powers means the Executive branch has no power.

        I bet you're one of those tools who thought it was super awesome when Bush/Cheney were breaking laws right and left. I bet you're also one of those tools who think the government should pay billions and billions of dollars to build a fence but do nothing but #$%$ about spending and taxes.

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