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  • froggnot froggnot Aug 3, 2013 1:49 PM Flag

    “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, ..."

    Oh Nancy how right you were back in 2010 when with a straight face you told the American people:

    “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy.”

    Well Nancy, it has been about three years now and guess what most Americans still don't know what was "in it" (i.e., the over 2000 page Affordable Care Act bill).

    But in their defense here are a few things we have found out since you told us the facts of life:

    o If you are a good democrat or a FOB you can get a waiver from what is "in it"

    o If you are a small business person you have learned that if you cap your head count at 49 and you cap the employee hours at 29, then you will be safe from what is "in it"

    o If you are full time employee and you have enjoyed employer subsidized health insurance, then on September 15 of this year your employer will share with you what is "in it", and how much you and your family will have to pay for your new health insurance policy (Can you say sticker shock).

    o If you are married or single and you make one dollar more than the specified HHS levels, you will lose the federal subsidies provided by what is "in it".

    o If you are a federal employee you may or may not be safe from what is "in it" (they are still working on it for you, keep your fingers crossed)

    o If you are a medical practitioner you may be thinking about getting out of the medical provider business because you found out what is "in it".

    o If you are a pre-med student or are thinking about a career in medicine, you may be re-thinking you career choices, because you found out what is "in it".

    o If you are a union member, your leaders are up in arms because they have found out what is "in it".

    Yes Nancy your words back in 2010 were quite prophetic now that some of your constituents have found out what is "in it".

    "In your heart you know he is right."

    The Frogg

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    • Frogface, if you want to know what's really "in it", go to healthcare dot org. You won't though, you would rather wallow in your falsehoods than know the truth.

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    • That is a distortion of what she was saying and the truth of course,but have your fun. It's your group's typical way, everyone is used to it by now. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself, have at it.

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    • "If you are married or single and you make one dollar more than the specified HHS levels, you will lose the federal subsidies provided by what is "in it"."

      You're upset because Obamacare doesn't subsidize people who make over $88,000 a year? Just like a Tea Brain. You want low taxes and high spending--on the wealthy.

      BTW, I'm enjoying the continued idiocy and maliciousness of Republicans pertaining to this law. The Republicans threatened, literally threatened, the NFL when it agreed to cooperate with PSAs helping lower income working people get insurance on the exchanges. You're betting that this law will fail and you are doing everything in your power to make it happen.

      I really, really hope people are listening to you right now. I really do. Because when the world doesn't end on October 1st, and people see the law actually working--what's in the law--they may finally know you people for the liars you are. And that is what this post is. Another litany of lies from you, Froggie.

      In your heart you know I am right. And you know what you are.

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      • ricky, ricky, ricky, as always you either missed the point on purpose or your not very bright, regardless I will try to clarify my initial message in case the latter is true.

        Bottom line:

        The Affordable Care Act (even though it has not been fully implemented) has successfully limited the private sector's ability to participate in the economic recovery following the 2007/8 recession for the following reasons:

        o Because of the 50 employee limit

        o Because of the 30 hour limit

        o Because of the 400% FPL limit

        o Because of the new ACA related taxes

        o Because of the new ACA regulations on businesses and individuals

        o Because of the new ACA regulations on medical service providers

        o Because of the new ACA regulations and taxes on medical insurance providers

        I could go on, but even you through your Kool Aid induced stupor should be able to understand just as the President, most legislators, most business people, most union leaders, and most individuals understand, the ACA is bad for business, and bad for the economy.

        Luckily (for the American people) the ACA was so poorly written that even the current administration is coming to the conclusion that the ACA is virtually impossible to implement in its current state, and will hopefully fail mainly because it is just bad law.

        Thankfully not one Republican was involved with the creation of the ACA (mainly because they were shut out of the process by our "dear leader" and his people).

        But maybe, just maybe there is still enough time left for them to fix the ACA now that we know what is "in it".

        "In your heart you know he is right."

        The Frogg

    • And, all the government toads have already exempted themselves from it's provisions or are working on doing so. "Obama Care, " just another scam on the American working class by a gang of thieves that want their hand in your pocket.

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      • For all you Obama supporters out there; just think of what we have today.

        People killed in a foreign embassy facility, no one punished, no one found out, witnesses being put under ND agreements and no allowed to testify.

        People killed on our border, some using guns furnished by our Justice Department. The President shields his AG from furnishing E-mails and refusing to provide other documents to the investigation.

        Our vaunted health care bill failing to be implemented as expected because it is too complicated. Congress setting itself and its staff aside and not being part of the system they and the insurance companies designed for everyone else.

        For every job created, five people go on to the food stamp program.

        We have more people working less or not working at all in our history.

        The Fed supporting the stock market to the benefit of the hedge funds and their big time campaign contributors.

        The President that can't keep his mouth shut about local crime events, yet supports abortion bills that kill even more than are dying in Chicago.

        The economic recovery that seem to never materialize, but it still on the way.

        A President that won't stop campaigning and try to actually lead to country and Congress to something good for this country.

        Yet, you fools voted for him again and will again vote to support the fools in Congress that he tricks into supporting things that don't work.

        This country is a mess and most of it is his doing and sadly, by his design.

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