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  • pinhighshot pinhighshot Aug 5, 2013 3:40 PM Flag

    Major Hassan

    What is wrong with our government and the Departments of the Army and Defense?

    This guy crying for an audience for his Islamic rhetoric. He knows he is guilt, he has said he killed them for his all but insane defense of protecting other jihadist fighters. The Army is not likely to put him to death, but they persist seeking the possibly of getting the death penalty. If they would drop the death penalty, he could be allowed to plead guilty, which he tried to do once, and this would have been over a year or two ago.

    Instead, we elect to try for a death penalty, won't allow him to plead guilty and send him away for his and several other life times. Instead we give him a bully pulpit to spread his terrorist teaching and make a public spectacle of our justice system.

    He is making a mockery of us. We allow him to defend himself; we keep paying him while in prison, when he should have been kicked out of the Army years before he had the opportunity to hurt anyone.

    If Obama and/or Holder approved or initiated this tactic, they should both be impeached.

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