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  • jac.sprat28 jac.sprat28 Aug 16, 2013 12:33 PM Flag

    Million Brotherhood Gathering - Comming Soon !!.

    Comming to our nation's Capitol soon - FACT !!

    Now sure of the 'event schedule' or details yet ??

    Rumor has it (??) top notch 'ushers' may be volunteered by our DOJ and DHS. Guest speakers will be flown in from the middle east on A.F. 2 and will be featuring prominant persons with the A.Q.M.P. group - and if we're lucky, Morsi may attend if released in time. (speculating @ this time .. smiles)

    The great Potentate may be providing our V.I.P. guests with free accommodations at the house on the hill.

    Those wanting to attend may sign up for free national ground transportation provided by DOT.

    All local houses of worship will be 'converted' - to accommodate our guest.

    (disclaimer = mostly hype - but 'that' future gathering .. protesting Religious Persecution IS FACT !!)

    BTW, the potentate didn't call off that 'joint MIL.exercise' .. Egypt did, they're extremely busy right now trying to stop a "Brotherhood (secular) Takeover" at the moment - FACT !!

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    • This is the United States of America, and our fore fathers fought hard , sacrificed and upheld these rights that all men, and WOMEN, are created equal ... our children, male or female, will have equal rights to education ... dress as they please ... drive cars ... teach children the AMERICAN ways ... become entreprenual ... worship the GOD of their choice ... and protect the Constitution of these United States ...peaceful gatherings, en masse, are welcomed ... I need NOT have to say more ... AT&T LONGS will be rewarded ...

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      • 2 Replies to louisbartomeosr
      • On second thought, I`ll bet you just saw the cover of Time magazine, designating MLK as a FOUNDING FATHER. Is that one of the forefathers you were referring to?

        He`s not one of my forefathers nor do I consider him a founding father. I agree with a poster on another website, such articles simply continue to dispossess White European Americans, the ones who really founded and created this country. Or should I say the country and culture that is rapidly disappearing?

        I did not think I could be anymore shocked or surprised by what is happening in this country but I am, as a result of my recent move from Florida. ALL major cities are still being flooded with illegal non White immigrants. There is not one major city in this country where Whites will be a majority within a few years, maybe even just a year or two, the way things are going, from what appears to happening imo.

        Whites had better wake up and fast. They`re lives are about to be irreversibly changed, intentionally, as they are on the verge of being a small minority among other races that really don`t like them. Prepare if you are White. That niceness and meekness from the invaders is fading fast IMO, and their attitude will change when they completely call the shots.

        Just my opinion.

      • The fore fathers you refer to were overwhelmingly WHITE EUROPEANS. They fought for rule of law and freedom of religion for WHITE EUROPEANS. You can only guess what their thoughts and beliefs would be in a U.S. being over run by non White Europeans. I doubt very much current day America was their intended goal.

        i agree with what Dr Kevin MacDonald said, that the constitution will mean NOTHING when the country is dominated by non Whites. Most of their cultures have no respect or desire for the American, previously European culture and rule of law. They simply want to take over and control the goodies that White Europeans created.

    • Get a lot of pork fat and smear it everywhere.

    • Wish the gay community would schedule a million person extravaganza at the same time. I'd pay to see that.

    • ...“Comming (sic)…soon…” – jon

      What? Free dictionaries? You must be elated.

      Seriously, jon, this gibberish is perhaps your most discombobulated post of all time – did you by chance mix up your Flintstone vitamin this morning with the pup’s Ajacks Doggie Downers? He looks enthusiastically healthy today while you’re over there toasted and buried in your Barcalounger with Cheez Whiz all over your Honey Boo Boo pajamas.

    • (disclaimer = mostly hype

      Oh, that's great. You can tell bald-faced lies so long as you put in a "disclaimer"!

      It's a sad state of affairs that this is actually an improvement.

    • It is scheduled for 9/11 and is not the Brotherhood but sweet little peaceful Muslims who feel discriminated against just because they had spontaneous celebrations on 9/11/01.

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