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  • froggnot froggnot Aug 21, 2013 1:42 PM Flag

    Was the murder of Christopher Lane a hate crime?

    Some might jump to the conclusion that this was a hate crime since Christopher Lane was white and he was stalked and killed by three poor black children, because he was jogging in a predominately black neighborhood, and should have known better.

    Some might jump to the conclusion that this was a gang related crime since the shooters had expressed their fascination with the Crips and Bloods on their Facebook pages.

    Some might jump to the conclusion that the MSM, the democrat party, our "dear leader", the rev. Ale, the race industry, and the NAACP will express their outrage and call for mass protests because of the obvious racial overtones of this black on white crime.

    Some might jump to the conclusion that this crime had nothing to do with race and was caused because American's have a Constitutional right to own and bear firearms and the right to stand their ground.

    Some might jump to the conclusion that since their are no federal government programs that would provide poor black children with something to do during the summer months, that this was the cause of the death of this white man.

    Some might jump to the conclusion that these three beautiful black children were only protecting their neighborhood from a "Creepy a--s Cracker", who was probably a pervert looking to molest poor little black children in their neighborhood, and this was payback for Travon.

    Maybe, just maybe, none of these conclusions are correct, if you read the words of one of the shooters:

    "They saw Christopher go by, and one of them said: 'There's our target,'" Ford said. "The boy who has talked to us said, 'We were bored and didn't have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody.'"
    He said they followed the 22-year-old Lane, a student from Melbourne attending college on a baseball scholarship, in a car and shot him in the back before driving off."

    I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions.

    "In your heart you know he is right."

    The Frogg

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    • You can't blame those boys, that jogger got what he deserved. "They always get away", those joggers.The boys shouldn't have been charged, let alone arrested, with anything.

    • Why were the boys even arrested? It was just another jogger up to no good. That jogger got what was coming to him. The boys didn't mean any harm.

    • Look into the eyes of Adam Lanza who shot to pieces twenty beautiful babies. He was described by police as a white 20 year old male, same as the one who was stopped in Georgia recently.
      On and on they go.

    • Was the murder of Christopher Lane a hate crime?"

      It wasn't about love now was it.

      Maybe it was self defense or a mistake. Maybe the jogger looked suspicious, and was a "suspect." Just a jogger anyway, who cares. Maybe the jogger got what he deserved. If you go by other cases and comments on them..

    • On and on they go:
      Thursday August 22, 2013

      WWII vet, 88, brutally beaten to death in Spokane, Wash.
      The suspects were described as black males of average build, 16 to 19 years old

    • Was Christopher Lane an ATT stock holder? How many shares did he have? Why is this relevant? Did wilkes and I meet him at a shareholder meeting when wilkes and me used to go out together? By the way, wilkes and I split up when he let the pigs get into the pool. Hesperia can be lovely if you are not hanging out with trash. I'm just saying...

    • WHOA stop the presses ... the cell phone video from one of the darker perps has him showing off his assault rifle and stating that 98% of whites are trash .. well, at least he didn't call them "crackerz"

      Let's see if Hodie's DOJ calls this a racist hate crime ?

    • Nah, not a hate crime; just part of their initiation into their gang. In prison at least they will be part of the gang. It might be, more effective than gun laws, to pass a law that makes it illegal to not be part of a devoted family. It would be just about as effective as a gun law.

    • The Sunday Morning Herald published an interview with a Mr. James Johnson from Duncan Oklahoma today.

      In the interview Mr. Johnson outlines that his son was one of four young boys who had been placed on a gang initiation hit list by the Chris Lane shooters.

      Regardless of your race, this report, and the associated video that goes with it, should scare anyone who sees it.

      "In your heart you know he is right."

      The Frogg

    • Well, the three little angels had just left the store after purchasing their skittles & tea.
      While still in the parking lot they decided to switch drivers, setting their goods on top of the car .. they drove off - the skittles & tea fell off the roof and were run over by passing motorists.

      The three little angels returned .. to find the jogger trying to clear the broken glass out of the street but thought 'he' was stealing their stuff. They shouted at him .. he responded speaking Aussie English
      The three, having never heard Aussie English before, they misunderstood him, thought he was being racist & derogatory, along with stealing their stuff - they shot him !!

      The crowd standing on the corner watching this (sipping their 40 oz'ers from a brown bag) ... said "yeah", wut you said "we seen him stealin yor stuff" .. wez witnes-zus - an you has the write to self-defends yorsef ...

      So Hodder will let the "self-defense" plea stand - due to so many 'eye witnesses' telling the same story - IT's ALL about the EYE-Witnesses !!

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