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  • herron+island herron+island Aug 25, 2013 6:26 PM Flag

    ATT Smartphone can't make phone calls over WIFI

    I am a 20 year long T shareholder. I live in a rural area in WA State.

    Dear Friends:

    Two months ago I filed a WA State consumer protection complaint because my new ATT Samsung smartphone could not make telephone calls over WIFI…just data/text. I was misled by the answers to questions I asked, as well as ATT’s advertising. (At least two companies DO support voice). I was forced to pay for a landline for the last three months (which I will keep for the immediate time being because of my security system). Well, the result was that, after a loooong delay, and a second complaint on my part, ATT sent me a microcell (which is actually quite large), and after a week of headaches with ATT, I’m happy to announce that the thing works! If I understand it, it is hooked to my modem/router (DSL) and broadcasts a cell signal from a (wait for it) Microcell. I am very pleased to see that I have five bars on my phone while sitting five feet from the Microcell. I haven’t had the opportunity to walk around outside the house to see what the range is, but I’m hopeful that I will no longer have to wander around outside in the rain to get my cellphone to work as a telephone. (What a concept).

    I am glad that the clerk 3 (not an attorney) in the Consumer Protection Office was able to resolve my problem, but disappointed that they won’t be addressing the larger issue of false or misleading advertising and other communications from ATT employees.

    My best,

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    • I had many problems with my major carrier also (vz) - I still have copperwire internet and a flip-phone !!

      There is good info out there, it a "consumer driven" site, tower locations, read others experiences & any remedies ?
      VZ wouldn't tell me why I was having this severe 'dropped call' problem .. even after 6 mos.

      Now they tell me I need to upgrade my Motorola E-815 flip-phone, to a new compatible (a new 2 yr contract) phone ....

      Check - cellreception ... with the appropriate suffixes ..... (maybe this 3rd try post will get thru ??)

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