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  • bouch84 bouch84 Aug 26, 2013 5:45 PM Flag

    Markets tumble as US accuses Syria of chemical attacks

    It started out to be a nice little day until that stupid idiot kerry opened his big mouth! I could care less if these people kill each other with bombs, guns, flame throwers, chemicals or slingshots! We need to keep our noses out of their civil war.

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    • If Obama resists the bloodthirsty NWO crowd that control this country I will sing his praises. They want wreck and ruin so they can install their world government and enslave the whole planet. George Soros has bragged publicly that he intends to "Bring America Down." This POS has BK'ed several small nations by manipulating their currencies. The gas attack has all the earmarks of a "False Flag" event. Remember the "400 baby incubators" in Kuwait? Saddam was supposed to have thrown 400 babies on the floor to steal their "incubators." A lying member of the ruling class in Kuwait told this fabrication just before Gulf War 1. Our men died while Kuwaiti young men were in discos all over Europe. I hope they all die in pig stys.

    • I don't believe a word that comes from the Obama administration. If one side used chemicals, it's because the other side doesn't have them. I don't want us involved in this civil war. Let the barbarians kill each other until they are all gone.

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      • How do you define a barbarian? Perhaps someone who doesn't see pointless violence directed at civilians and children as morally abhorrent? No one is talking about an invasion like Iraq or Afghanistan, but there must be retribution.

        I wonder how many of you so opposed to strikes against Syria for actually having and using chemical weapons supported a massive invasion of Iraq at the mere possibility of their existence there? How many of you have joined John McCain in his criticism of Obama for being too soft on Syria.

        You Tea Brains only know how to criticize. When action is needed, whether in the economy or in national security Tea Brains gear up and. . . criticize.

    • Gosh Bouch .. is this the same John Kerry that testified before Congress to protest the Viet Nam WAR ??
      Then wrote a book, embelishing his V.N. service record ?

      And now in a position, and wants to promote us (U.S.) and the President in taking the lead role in a CIVIL WAR - so he can write another book showing how much of a "hot shot" he is ...

      Is this the 'same' John Kerry ?? ... (oh no, say it ain't so)

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      • No John. It's the same John Kerry that actually served in Vietnam and thus had credibility when he opposed the invasion of Iraq, unlike the chickenhawks who started it.

        It is the same John Kerry who supports the use of drones to hunt down terrorists.

        It is the same John Kerry who calls the chemical attacks in Syria chemical attacks in Syria (what would you have him do? Lie?)

        It is the same John Kerry who does not tolerate chemical attacks or terrorism, but who does not use the military like a toy or pretend war is a game.

        What I want to know is if you are the same Tea Brains who were accusing Obama of being soft when he didn't jump the gun on chemical weapons months ago? Of course you are. Winholder wants consistency. The only thing you people do consistently is oppose whatever the Obama administration says or does.

      • I believe so!

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