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  • georgesmarsh georgesmarsh Aug 27, 2013 10:49 PM Flag

    At least they're clear this time about having no objective

    This way we know for sure they're just killing people for no reason.

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    • Obama has no authority to bomb Syria without Congressional approval. At least that is what the Democrats said about Bush planning to bomb Iran. They are claiming it is our best national interests, they are claiming this all the approval they need.

      “Allowing the use of chemical weapons on a significant scale to take place without a response would present a significant challenge to or threat to the United States' national security interests,” Carney said.

      What a crock. What national security interests. Do they think Syria will attack the U.S.? Do they think this backward group of ignorant Arabs with a military and economy less than that of the state of California is really a threat?

      Where are all the rich Arabs that should be helping their poor Arab neighbors in this conflict? Why aren't they helping these people? Oh, right, they are all too busy fighting other Arab radicals in their own countries.

      This will inflame the entire Middle East. It will further erode what little improvements have been made in our economy. Does he not care about Americans or is he simply looking for the next excuse for his poor performance...first it was Bush made things worse than he realized, then it was the weather, then it was Rush, then the Republican Party, then it was...the man accepts responsibility for nothing on his own.

    • With this good President we have, the decisions will have sense to them, and be wise ones. Notice he takes time to think and not gut react with chest pounding, like the right wing Pres's would have. He uses diplomacy to draw red lines to exert pressure, but of course that doesn't mean he jumps right in with guns blazing. Of course no matter what he does, even if he does what they want, the right wing will knock it down. Now when they do that to our President, everyone just yawns, it's so old already.
      This is one President I totally trust on matters. He won't be perfect, but he will be close, because he is always thinking logically, with a cool head, not gut reacting like a right wing nut case.

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