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  • jac.sprat28 jac.sprat28 Aug 28, 2013 7:33 PM Flag

    OOPS .. is our Media ??

    ,, Hey .. is our MSM sending a message to our great Administration .. about his and Kerry's missle toys ?

    That seems to be a subliminal reminder message from the ABC Evening News, by Scott Pelley - and his reminder that 'most' every missle strike we have made in the middle-east .. we've had a tragic answer in return.
    For once the Media may make sense .. specially with our current bunch of 'decision makers'.

    Wow .. now Gwen Iffel & Judy Woodruff (PBS) are double teaming him (Obama) on the 'hot-seat' ...
    OH .. now Gwen is giving his Domestic "double-speak" Policies .. of Major Law Suits (DOJ) againsts the States etc. the 'what for' .. and these aren't powder-puff questions either !!

    And now questioning a prev. response from our leader .. that he's caught up in a "R" word/Republican Political divide - (oh) now more "R"word faults of why he can't get the job done .... (whaaat ?)

    ooooh - here we go again .. just more finger pointing .. and it's someone elses fault :(

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    • Our goal in Syria ? Finally our Media may have gotten something right.

      Kerry, the Administration, and our missles ? What is the goal ? All indications are, it will be a punitive missle strike ?
      Then what .. the goverment will not have been decimated, the Brotherhood will still be there - the freedom loving people will be hit (eventually) by one or the other !
      So then, WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING but a Larger "Bulls-Eye" for ourselves.

      Syria is a Civil War ~ it's their war. We should not take a 'leading role' in anyone elses Civil War. We are not the WORLD's Police Station.

      There will STILL be killings, bombings ~ women and children will still die .. but perhaps NOT with CW's .. but they will still DIE as collateral damage, as in any war.

      It's time for Arab Countries to step up to the plate ~ to arm themselves and fight their own wars.
      Get the Kings & Prince's to form their own army's ~ solicit help from their European neighbors !

      We (the U.S.) have no business launching missles for 'punative purposes', with no strategic goal, but to mire ourselves into any further middle-eastern Civil Wars.

      If they want freedom .. we can arm them, but they have to spill their own blood and fight for themselves.

      No more Vietnam's, no more Middle-Eastern engagements ~ unless it's for an " Immediate Strategic World Threat" ...

      ... disarm Obama & Kerry ~ they're IDIOTS ....

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