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  • wilkes71 wilkes71 Sep 5, 2013 4:57 PM Flag

    Who started the war in Syria, and why?

    What is going to be worth 100,000 lives?

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    • Good question. Egypt wanted a rebellion and a new government. Look at what they got!

      The same with happen in Syria if we shot in missiles or don't. There is no plan with what to replace the Assad government with, just to get rid of him. After that is chaos for years. We can send in missiles on a daily basis that that will not change. We can't blow up all their chemical weapons, we can't kill Assad, we can't stop the civil war. We can however further degrade what little relationship we have with Russia and depending on how far outside the Syrian borders this war spreads, with several other countries as well.

      There is no upside for the US to send in the missiles. If we attempt to do anything more, it could very easily lead to troops on the ground.

      Again, there is not upside. McCain and Kerry keep worrying that the rest of the countries in the Middle East will no longer trust us and cooperate with us...they need to look around at the very short list of those that even communicate with us on regular basis and weigh the impact of losing their minor support.

    • "Who and Why" ?? .. It was a Syrian Revolt in 2011 - the Assaud Family .. same as today - however they were kicked out of the Arab League as a result of this ...

    • Well Wilkes .. just finished watching DW Journal (Germany) on PBS.
      It seems this is the way things are stacking up ..
      We have the Syrian Govt. .. being heavely supported with arms, etc. from Iran.
      Then we have 3 groups in Syria fighting each other .. the Govt. - the Syrian rebels - the Brotherhood (imported) rebels - and they're all killing each other. (reported by DW Journal)
      We have Russia's Sea Port in Syria .. and moving more ships in at this time, but have delayed "further" shipments of their 'S-300 Missle Delivery Systems' to Damascus. - And of course China lining up with Russia to support Syria ...
      The U.N. Security Council will not and can not commit to "who done it" .. just that CW's were used !!
      Nor will the U.N.S.C do anything to bring Obama's "RED LINE" to a vote .. with or without Russia or China's vote.
      Putin claims there is evidence CW's were delivered by Imported rockets that Syria nor Syrian rebels had access to ... and this should be investigated before Obama launches Missles !!
      Germany has offered help .. but only for 'humanitarian aide & negotiations' .. and the U.S has France and perhaps 9 more countries ??
      AND futhermore .. when 'O & K' say we'll have "no troops, aka, boots on the ground" .. it doesn't work that way !!
      It will be as always, the same as in Vietnam & other conflicts .. we will have "Armed Advisors" working with ?? - because WE WILL have Americans in Syria, and they (by God) better be armed !!
      However .. we will be in the middle of something we have no business in ... Arabs againts Arabs against the M.B. and who will switch sides for more MONEY and who's winning ??
      Since we've left Iraq .. there have been over 160 deaths this month (Sept.) .. mostly women, children, and Iraqi Police !!
      If Russia & China want to align with the Arab League and do REAL Fighting .. have at it !!
      Obama needs to keep OUR noses out of any further "Arab on Arab" crisis .. because he's got more MOUTH than he does 'brains' !!
      .... JMHO ..

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