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  • echo2165 echo2165 Sep 20, 2013 8:54 PM Flag

    AHQ (final)...

    ...“One cannot in the nature of things expect a little tree that has been turned into a club to put forth leaves.” – Martin Buber

    “And my girlfriend, she's FAT! How fat? She's so fat she wears two watches--one for each time zone!” – Rodney Dangerfield

    "Anthony Weiner did not really exit in a very classy way. After his concession speech, as he was leaving, the press was taunting him, and they got a picture through the window of the car of him holding up his middle finger. At least we hope that was his middle finger." - Bill Maher

    “I was afraid that by observing objects with my eyes and trying to comprehend them with each of my other senses, I might blind my soul altogether." – Socrates

    “There are some ten thousand religious sects — each with its own cosmology, each with its own answer for the meaning of life and death. Most assert that the other 9,999 not only have it completely wrong but are instruments of evil, besides. None of the ten thousand has yet persuaded me to make the requisite leap of faith. In the absence of conviction, I've come to terms with the fact that uncertainty is an inescapable corollary of life. An abundance of mystery is simply part of the bargain — which doesn't strike me as something to lament.” – Jon Krakauer

    "Pope Francis just got a used car, a 1984 Renault with 190,000 miles on it. The Pope said he wanted an old car so he could drive around listening to his Billy Idol cassettes." - Jimmy Kimmel

    “I hear noises which others don't hear and which disturb for me the music of the spheres, which others don't hear either.” – Karl Kraus

    “Truth has never been, can never be, contained in any one creed or system.” – Mary Augusta Ward

    “The last couple of weeks have been very tough for Republicans because of course they always have to call for the opposite of whatever Obama is saying or doing. And this has been hard when Obama himself has been changing his mind pretty much on a daily basis. First he was against the bombing…of course they were for it. Then he was for the bombing…now they're against it. Now there's a peace plan on the table, and the same Republicans who were saying he was acting too rash to call for strikes on Syria are now calling him a wimp for going with the diplomacy. They say in the end, whether he chooses war or peace, the hard truth is either way he is still inarguably, hopelessly black." - Bill Maher

    “Have a good weekend, all.” – echo2165

    “Falsehood is invariably the child of fear in one form or another.” – Aleister Crowley

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