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  • wilkes71 wilkes71 Oct 2, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    Can we save the USA

    The Republican Party is falling apart with some blaming it on "a handful of radical, incompetent zealots". Let me remind them that It was "a handful of radical, incompetent zealots" that defeated the British Empire to establish the United States of America. Hopefully "a handful of radical, incompetent zealots" can save it. However, they will need to break away from the Republican Party which, along with the Democratic Party, has been taken over by Socialistic thinking. There is already a Constitution Party and I think that if all right thinking people of both parties were to switch to the Constitution Party we could possibly save the country. I know it is not likely to happen but, as for me, I'm switching.

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    • Mark Levin is trying to destroy this country. Don't repeat his bs like a zombie

    • The problems we are seeing in Washington today are not the fault of just the Republican Party. Some of their tactics being used today are the same tactics applied by the Democrats when they had a minority position in Congress and will be used by them again when they are again the minority. This is not Party politics in Washington, this is simply Washington politics. They don't know another way. They don't know how to negotiate and/or compromise for the good of the country. They only know that they must win, must gain more power to control the money, must win more votes to inflict their view of the world order on the rest of the nation.

      They no longer care about the good of the nation, only votes and power and what it can do for them individually and/or their Party.

      There some things the Democrats have in their ideologies that are sound ideas, and the reverse is also true of the Republicans. They, collectively, don't have the logic, commons sense or compassion to understand what is good for the nation. They only understand what is good for the Party and the next coming election.

      The blame game is simply their way of trying to outlast the other guy, regardless of who it might be. The citizens have lost control of our government, our economy, and our country. The rules makes have to respond to only the rules they make. They are the only ones that can change their rules of operation and governance. We are no longer citizens; we are the subjects to a ruling class of self-anointed royalty.

    • The biggest problem with our political party's is special interest groups, corrupt politicians, greed, My way or the highway on both sides. They ALL forget about their own constituant's and none of them care about anyone but themselves. Fire them all and lets take back America from the thief's.

    • Google up; "George Washington's Vision." You may find it interesting. It parallels parts of Revelations. Evil will be destroyed but not without real sacrifice. Jeremiah tells of what Jerusalem had become just before Babylon took it over in 490BC. It sounds very much like this country. "Every hand is out for a bribe." What do you think the PAC contributions to your favoprite Pol are?

    • You betcha we can .. and I think it's working !!

      If you'll notice the intensity of attacks from the left (??) and the MSM, along with the Bankers looking out for their self interest.

      I say, YES we CAN win this fight.

      BUT don't give up, the fight has just begun and there are many more battles to come, so be prepared for the hardships - and most of all "DON'T GIVE UP" .. mid-terms will be here soon and this may show a change for the good !!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It seems the consensus view is NO. Very sad. It was great while it lasted. There were lots of things developed that would not have been without the freedom that the USA once provided.

    • I know you know this, but political power is a function of numbers (i.e., the more numbers the more power).

      In the case of the democrat party their numbers depend on a coalition of:

      o East and West Coast Communists and Socialists
      o Large business owners and their PACs
      o All MSM owners and their employees
      o Inner-city public assistance recipients and advocates
      o School teacher unions
      o Public worker unions
      o Trade unions
      o Environmental groups
      o Feminist advocacy groups
      o LGBT groups
      o People of color groups, and
      o In general any group that has a chip on its shoulder, hates America's founding principles and its people

      In the case of Republicans their are two wings that genuinely revile each other:

      o The establishment wing, consists of the old money country club liberal types that would be democrats if it weren't for the fact that they live in "red states" and their parents were Republicans. They are and will continue to be the democrat party light segment of the Republican party.

      o The populace wing, consists of Moms and Dads, Sisters and Brothers who believe in the founding principles of our country, that believe in hard work, individual freedom and liberty, and that a federal government should perform a limited set of functions (e.g., defend our nations borders and individual liberties, run an efficient mail system, adjudicate interstate conflicts, and mint a national currency)

      One point of view (and I think it's yours) is to start a new party composed of traditional liberty loving Americans.

      IMHO this will only result in the dilution of the populace wing of the Republican party, reduce its numbers and further reduce its political power.

      I believe that an alternate strategy of increasing the numbers of the populace wing, reducing the numbers of the establishment wing, and establishing an education program that promotes our founding principles might provide a better result.

      "In your heart you know he right."

      The Frogg

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      • As I said, "I know it is not likely to happen" but there is no longer any place for right thinking Americans in either of the major parties and I think we need to get out rather than try to dominate those factions that you list. It is going to be a very long fight and one that has only succeeded in the nation of Israel in the history of the World. Talk about long fight; it has taken them 3,000 years.
        We need to start with vouchers for education and home schooling and that is a tough fight in itself. If we unite under the Constitution Party it may help.

    • Too little too late... Should have been fighting 20 - 30 years ago. At this point it's just death throe's. Too balkanized, the few left who actually identify with the term 'american' are totally marginalized. And they don't even realize it yet... But starting to notice and not liking it.

    • I may be out of the loop ..(?? Constitution Party) .. but if you're talking about the Liberitarian Party (??) I'll wait untill they get someone with a little more back-bone .. (as in not promoting cannabis legalization)

      That may be our great leader's problem now - as a former president of his college pot club :-)

      Thumbs up for your direction .. smiles !!

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