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  • echo2165 echo2165 Oct 3, 2013 8:25 PM Flag

    Is there a reason that a response to a post needs to be deleted?...


    ...Could you please explain that to the few remaining ratinal people here?....

    “…but political power is a function of numbers (i.e., the more numbers the more power).” – froggnot

    For once, I agree with your statement, wholeheartedly.

    Using that logic, let’s examine your illogical conclusions based on that premise. You go on to define what is, essentially, The Tea Party view of who is entitled to comprise those numbers and who, in your view, are unqualified or beneath acceptance into your vision of society.

    While you suggest that in a democracy, the political power is a function of numbers, you chastise the Democrats with your disdain for those Americans who are included in their coalition…to wit:

    “East and West Coast Communists and Socialists” – It’s not surprising that you lead your attack with your usual demagoguery. We know that your standard line is that the duly elected President of the United States is a foreigner and Communist. It’s beyond juvenile that you continue to fall back on “Birther” nonsense, particularly when it did you such a disservice in the last two elections. But beyond that, get real…if someone is a member of either the Socialist Party or the Communist Party, they are certainly not registered Democrats, now are they? Trying to convince people otherwise with schoolyard name-calling is effective with only the very limited, uneducated base you seek to impress.

    “Large business owners and their PACs” – Seriously? You’re going to eliminate business owners from the GOP? Are you even halfway serious? And their PACS? Good luck with that on K Street. Talk about losing support for your cause!

    “All MSM owners and their employees” – So, on the one hand, you’re attempting to recruit the “populace wing - Moms and Dads, Sisters and Brothers who believe in the founding principles of our country” to your new party. I’m pretty sure that’s what most people would consider to be “mainstream Americans.” Isn’t it then, somewhat incongruous to be simultaneously using the term “Mainstream” as a pejorative term against any and all sources of information, the vast majority other than Fox, who disagree with your views. Once again, you’re eliminating a rather large segment of society with “all media and their employees.” I know for a fact that my paperboy’s not a commie and I think our TV weather lady belongs to the Daughters of the American Revolution. But if you deny them access to your party, we’ll welcome them in ours.

    “Inner-city public assistance recipients and advocates” – Well, that’s a natural. The disadvantaged and people who otherwise might need help should look elsewhere according to you. BTW, does this also exclude the rather large segment of public assistance recipients who are not in the “inner-city?” Would “inner-city” be some kind of racial code word by any chance? *(Oh, right, look ahead to your second from last criteria…I guess that answers that question.) What about all the folks in Appalachia who get assistance. How about the corporate welfare that dwarfs public assistance programs? You’re okay with that, I assume.

    “School teacher unions” – We get it. You espouse doing away with the Dept. of Education and home-schooling everyone. Smart people somehow don’t fit into your vision. I wonder why that is.

    “Public Worker unions” - Once again, in one fell swoop, you’re eliminating well over 20 million hard-working, public employees. Regardless of union affiliation, you seem bent on telling all of middle-America that they are beneath inclusion in your ever-dwelling base.

    “Trade Unions” – You’re being a bit repetitive…we get that you despise unions and want to change America into a Wal-Mart/McDonalds economy for all working class folks trying to raise families.

    “Environmental groups” – Oh, the horror! You folks simply must understand that the overwhelming majority…bigger numbers than you would ever admit…of Americans, and, indeed the world, now understand that preserving this planet for our future generations is far more important than the short term greed of those you represent. Your laissez-faire attitude of posting intentionally misleading lies totally discredited by the international scientific community, borders on criminality. Tell us again about the climatologist in the barn in Oregon.

    “Feminist advocacy groups” – I have four daughters. I pray that they will never be exposed to an America ruled by people like you. Do you know any women who, after being denied a role in society in this country for so long, and who still do not receive equal pay for equal work, do NOT like people advocating on their behalf? Or is “feminism” just another label you throw around while exposing your ingrained fears and prejudices. Oh, and btw, if your new, so-called “populace wing chooses to continue the GOP’s ongoing war on women, you’ve just excluded over half of all Americans. Man, your big tent coalition is gonna’ fit in a pup-tent when you’re done culling out the miscreants.

    LGBT groups – You didn’t even have to list them…we know they’re excluded from your plans…sadly for you, that’s not helpin’ your numbers either, because there are now a significant number of Americans who, while not in that group, find it terribly offensive that people like you seem to think you have some divine right to judge other humans while dictating what they can and cannot do in the privacy of their homes. Oh, that’s right, you’re a Putin fan. That might explain it.

    *“People of color groups” – Well, there it is folks, those dreaded “inner-city” folks…as unbelievable as this may sound, frog is telling us that any and all Americans of color…Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans… should also be excluded from his new concept of the “populace wing.” These people then try to tell you with a straight face that President Obama is a racist and that they’re all-inclusive humanists.

    “In general any group that has a chip on its shoulder, hates America's founding principles and its people” – Froggie, while you’ve eliminated nearly all of America from participating in your new vision of an American populace wing, this last category has me befuddled…I can’t think of any of the many fine Americans I know, who fit the category of “having a chip on its shoulder and hates America’s founding principles…other than you and all you represent.

    And I know of few or any people who would disagree with that, regardless of how many times this post is deleted.

    This topic is deleted.
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