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  • ricky1820l ricky1820l Oct 22, 2013 11:45 AM Flag

    echole ricky have you signed up for Obamacare yet?

    You idiots tout Obamacare at every opportunity have you signed up yet? Or are you like BO who thinks everyone except his own people should have it.

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    • For many months we have put up with the Obamacare Pumpers on this MB who have told us over and over again how great Obamacare is, yet not a single one of them has any intention of signing up for it through the exchanges. They have joined the leaders of this disaster Obama and HHS Sebelius by siding with the Tea Party and not having anything to do with this awful healthcare plan.

    • People who have employers plans don't need to sign up for it. Like was said below. Millions of people can now get health insurance where before they went to the emergency room. Many lives have already been saved, true cases, unlike those presented by hannity etc. What's your problem with it, not saving your life today, so you don't care beyond that? Looks like you haven't done much reading on how it all works. You have your right wing lies and emotions only. If you can't sign up online, it isn't the only way to sign up. The number of signups is growing, sorry to tell you

    • Nobody is signing up right now, the system doesn't work.

      To top it off, after he says he will go get the best and the brightest to fix it, the rumor is that he has called Verizon to see if they can help. Having retired from Verizon and having worked on several systems development project while there, these ARE NOT the IT folks you want working on this project unless you want it to go way over budget, be years late and not work when they turn it up.

      On second thought, hire them, then we will never have to worry about Obamacare because no one will ever be able to sign up!

    • ...echole ricky…You idiots…

      Right…WE’RE the idiots...but you feel a need to make copycat aliases. There’s some more tea brain fuzzy logic for your fellow Neanderthals.

      Seriously, could you offer up even one justification for spending time pretending to be someone else on a silly stock message board?

      Here, let me help you…

      “Well, I’m jon, who got so embarrassed by my posts of rambling unintelligible, mis-spelled words highlighted with punctuation sprinkled about like coins thrown randomly from a Mardi Gras float, that I retired jon and his puppy, and now function as bilpolk, jacsprat and many others, including a lot of copycat aliases…as jon, you will recall, I didn’t know the difference between Boston and New York when they had the marathon bombing, and I was foolishly offering my somewhat questionable financial advice on T’s earnings, when, in fact they hadn’t been released yet.

      However, since dropping that handle, I’ve again pulled another colossal #$%$ with my moronic suggestion that the three branches of government were…oh, never mind, it’s too embarrassing, as you all know who read it by those who admonished me (before I got those deleted). So, as you can readily understand, I need all the help I can get, hence the copycat aliases…Except, Yahoo got on my case, so now I have to point out that I’m faking the echo handle…I wonder when they will do that to my many fake ricky aliases? Can someone get another Jolt Cola sent to my cubicle? In my mind, I’m very, very confused!” – jon,

    • How many millions did Obama pay his supposed tech savvy cronies to develop this debacle? What an embarrassment

    • Please don't tell me you have given up on the non-functioning Obamacare sign up process. I expect you idiots to spend all your time trying to sign up for the worst roll out of a product in the history of mankind. We all know who is responsible for this disaster since it is named after him.

    • Come on older folks need your money to pay for their medical costs. You don't want to get fined do you for not having insurance even though you still won't have any under Obamacare you just get to pay a premium every month.

    • Hello, I know you morons must be chomping at the bit to get in on that Bronze plan where you can pay a monthly premium and get nothing for it. You still pay out of pocket for your care.

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