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  • cpwrguy_99 cpwrguy_99 Oct 25, 2013 9:16 PM Flag

    CBS reports Obamacare stats so far. HORRENDOUS!!!!!

    Of the 5 states reporting insurance sign up stats, none had less than an 87% number that had opted
    For Medicaid. One state,Oregon, had 26,287 applicants, all Medicaid, not one for Obamacare paid
    Plans. IE. most new insurance applicants will not pay anything for Heath Insurance, Soooooooooooo
    Who pays??

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    • echo2l65 Oct 26, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

      And another step closer to a "socialist single payer plan" by a Socialist Obama Goverment ...

      Recently reported by our MSM - So far several former quality HC insurance companies cannot meet Obama's GUIDELINES and are forced to shutdown, transfering their clients onto OBAMACARE.and higher premiums.

      So what happened to .. "if you like your current HC Plan, you can keep it" ????????????

      It seems there is ALWAYS A Catch to "ObamaSpeak" .. nothing is EVER what he advertises !

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      • 2 of the H.C.companies being reported as "will no longer insure" are 'Florida Blue' (Blue Cross), at 300,000 .. and Kaiser Permanente at 180,000 ..
        And now a W.S. Cheat Sheet DJIA article "Has the Govt Shutdown Affected Christmas ?? .. mmm maybe, but not as much as planning to find a new H.C. Insurance Plan @ a higher cost, thanks to ObamaCare and .. "if you like your current HealthCare Plan, you can keep it" ..

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