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  • agreed_manuel agreed_manuel Oct 30, 2013 4:50 PM Flag

    Your elected representatives

    No one is going to make you change your government. If you like your Democrat you can keep him. If you like your senator or representative you can keep him, too.

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    • Thirty know they are right, and the other 250 have to follow regardless.

      You can keep your plan, within the law of course, if you like it. I have no problem with people getting rid of junk ripoff health plans, in favor of something that pays out when you are sick. It was a Heritage Foundation idea, remember that, this whole type of health plan that Obama accepted as a compromise. How ironic, Obama didn't originally want this kind of health plan, but was willing to compromise and accept it to get something better than before for the American people. Now, the republicans are against their own ideas. How ironic is that.
      it isn't about the health plan, obviously, since it was their own plan to begin with, but about getting a paper signer in as President who can sign in more tax breaks for the very rich.

    • Quite honestly, I don't want any of them. This style of government has not been brought on by only Obama, but all the liberals with a 'government knows best' attitude for the years before him. He is simply the latest and possibly the most horrible case, but he isn't the only one. The arrogance and absurdity of the likes of Harry, Nancy, Barney and many others is still with us.

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