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  • hamatro09 hamatro09 Nov 8, 2013 11:47 AM Flag

    Where are Dan and Dale?

    As I recall there were two posters who were continuously attacked by Echo and a Ricky poster called spinning Ricky regarding their predictions 0n Obama care. Yet, their predictions and data seem very on target and accurate today.

    Where are their posts. Long time AT&T investor who was just notified that my medical payments will increase by over 30% on 1/1/14. I was part of the AT&T outsourcing to Aon.

    Either one or both as I recall now seem to have been very accurate in their predictions for stock performance and the effects of Obama care. Anyone know what became of them? I see no posts from them or others that I thought were frequent posters here on Obama care and investing.

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    • daleandersen Jan 24, 2014 4:34 PM Flag

      I'm still around. I simply don't post here any longer. Once upon a time it was fun. Now not so much...

      While I still do own T stock, I don't own quite as much as I used to. I don't trust T's management enough -- as they keep laying off US IT workers and replacing them with folks from foreign countries who cost less but don't seem to do as much or understand our society and values, they are digging a hole that they won't be able to get out of.

      Thanks for the complement hamatro09.

      Best Regards,


    • Ricky and Sir Echo don't like to talk about Obamacare any longer. They are finding that a good many of the details, as they called them, and the glorious promised benefits of the plan are being found to be false. Even a lot of Democrats that are going to have to run for reelection in the next mid-terms are distancing themselves from the Tainted One.

      Maybe the Democrats have the seen the added value of no longer paying them to be on-line shills for them?

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