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  • froggnot froggnot Nov 20, 2013 12:34 PM Flag

    A little support for our left wing friends

    Of late I have noticed a new level of desperation from administration apologists and our little left wing friends on this board.

    I do realize how hard it must be for you to finally come to the conclusion that not only were you lied to by the people who you believed were going to bring about "hope and change" to our country, but now you are finding out that these lies were created for one purpose and one purpose only, the cynical need for the acquisition of power and political advantage.

    Yes my friend much has happened since our "dear leader" appeared in front of those faux Greek columns and told us about America's bright future and the wonders of "hope and change".

    All I can say is be of good cheer my friends. I know that you may feel abandoned for now, but come next October I am sure your mail box will be filled with requests for your money and support.

    It is always nice to be wanted.

    "In your heart you know he is right."

    The Frogg

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    • ...“Of late I have noticed a new level of desperation…” – frog boy

      Well, I don’t think “of late” is accurate…you’ve been consistently desperate throughout your posting history.

      A Froggnot Primer…All scintillating bits of wisdom from the lunatic fringe as voiced by Frog Boy:

      “Surely it is past time for the deployment of the government reeducation and behavior modification camps…Maybe life in the Gulag won't be so bad…”

      “…invariably racist white people will request the white part of that Thanksgiving Day fowl.”

      “…the government plantation on which we all live has two types of slaves”:

      “…they have a person of color who is leading the assault on both people of color and the war on women.”

      “We are on to you and your constant attempts to deflect and misinform…”

      “…and the days of keeping us on the democrat party plantation are over for some of us.”

      "Men have forgotten God; that's why all this has happened."

      “Mr. Zimmerman (as a neighborhood watch captain and resident of the community) had the right and the duty to walk anywhere, at any time…”

      “…resistance is futile and "Big Brother" is here to save the day.”

      “Yes Tovarich, I get it…You are a true example of the results of a progressive education, socialist indoctrination and community organizer training.”

      “In the case of the democrat party their numbers depend on a coalition of:

      o East and West Coast Communists and Socialists
      o Large business owners and their PACs
      o All MSM owners and their employees
      o Inner-city public assistance recipients and advocates
      o School teacher unions
      o Public worker unions
      o Trade unions
      o Environmental groups
      o Feminist advocacy groups
      o LGBT groups
      o People of color groups, and
      o In general any group that has a chip on its shoulder, hates America's founding principles and its people” (Man, froggie, no wonder you lost so badly.)

      “According to the latest survey by the independent Sullivan Group of Sacramento California, Rush's opinions have an accuracy rating of 99.7%.”

      “Could the biggest fear of democrats be that no matter how hard their leaders and rank in file tried to obfuscate the truth the American people figured out who the real culprits were in a cabal of disinformation that led to a government shutdown?”

      “Oh dear, I think our little friend may have soiled himself. Hey Win, maybe it is time…” (aha, the winholder connection)
      “Thank you Ted Cruz for showing us the way…”

      “A good start would be to support the effort in congress to defund Obamacare.”

      “51% of the American people agree with the Tea Brains".

      “This is not a lie: Again this is not a lie: I consider this matter closed.”

      “Education from liberal based propaganda mills is insulting and a waste of money.”

      “…there might be a case for considering the ‘Farmers' Almanac’ as a credible source for climate change information…”

      “The article points out that their is a cabal of entrenched ideologues who will say anything and do anything to misinform the public and keep the myth of "human caused global warming" alive. The article goes on to almost accuse the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine of committing fraud, because they support this project. In conclusion, if this article made you feel that the "man caused global warming" skeptics would be inclined to fold their tents and go away, IMHO you and your cohorts will have to do a better job of defamation, slander and misinformation than this article…I am also of the opinion that the jury is still out on the impact on the earth's climate by human caused carbon dioxide.”

      Wow! You sure did get me this time (said in reference to getting caught contradicting yourself about where you lived…have you figured that one out yet, froggie?)

    • He certainly got the 'change' part right, but there is a significant difference in 'positive' change and change simply for the sake of change and to gain power and influence over the population. He has killed all hope that this administration will do anything positive for the American people.

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