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  • froggnot froggnot Nov 20, 2013 11:57 PM Flag

    2014 the year that "fundamentally changed" America

    As our "dear leader" has told us on more than one occasion his legacy and purpose has been to "fundamentally change" America.

    The keystone of this "fundamental change" has and continues to be a single payer national health care system.

    So far everything is going according to plan:

    Step 1 - Was the passage of the Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obama Care)

    Step 2 - Was to collect money to pay for the ACA prior to implementation (this was the period between the passage of the ACA and October 1, 2013)

    Step 3 - Was to force a percentage of citizens to get their health care plans through government health care exchanges by having their existing policies revoked because of government mandate (this is called the first wave and about 5 to 10 million existing policies were involved)

    Step 4 - Will be to force a larger percentage of citizens to get their health care plans through government health care exchanges by having their existing policies revoked because of government mandate (this is called the second wave and about 50 to 100 million existing policies will be involved and will start after the 2014 mid term elections) (Note: this is why the so called "employer mandate" was delayed until after the 2014 mid term elections)

    Step 5 - All health care plans will be provided through government exchanges and will come under the jurisdiction and control of HHS and its non-elected board of directors appointed by the administration.

    And there you have it folks, the "fundamental change" that all good democrats have dreamed about since Woodrow Wilson is on schedule to be accomplished in just a few short years.

    You may ask why the American people would allow something as important as their health care to be controlled and rationed by one political party?

    The answer may be as simple as the promise "If you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan" and "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor".

    "In your heart you know he is right."

    The Frogg

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    • I guess people are texting or calling more? That should be bullish for T I guess. Is that the point?

    • ...“You may ask why the American people would allow something as important as their health care to be controlled and rationed by one political party?” – frog boy/ t.bfine

      You also may ask why the American people would allow something as important as their health care to be controlled and rationed by a health insurance industry who is responsible first to their share holders and only then, to their policy-holders. This is the crux of the matter that you folks refuse to understand, simply because, while you suggest that your concern is for Americans, in reality you are pimping to maintain the powers of the status quo.

      It must be a very sad and pitiful dilemma to find oneself in, when your party’s single purpose and only political goal…the one you’ve chosen as the rallying cry in a last ditch effort of unification of the hopelessly splintered remnants of your once proud party…is to prevent 30 to 40 million people from having access to affordable health care, with no alternative plan for providing them coverage.

      Americans today no longer will stand by watching a minority of politicians desperately trying to defend the health insurance “racket” that bases who gets coverage and who doesn’t in the same manner as Las Vegas gaming parlors. The existing system that assures health insurance companies get their profits first, and insures only those who will be profitable for the company, is unconscionable. Relegating the importance of the health and lives of Americans to the same level as a casino gambling sucker is beyond pathetic. Gamblers at least get to choose how to lose their money…sick folks don’t.

      And at what cost?

      Colombia Journalism Review – Trudy Lieberman

      “Each year The Commonwealth Fund, a philanthropic organization interested in health surveys eleven countries on healthcare affordability, access and complexity, examining such things as how easy is it to see a specialist or get primary care; how much do citizens have to pay out of pocket; whether people forego care, and how satisfied they are with their countries’ health systems. For the more than ten years that the Fund has conducted these surveys, the US has not stacked up well. This year is no different (to wit, UPI’s headline summarizing the report, “US healthcare: Most expensive, longest waits, most red tape.

      More than one-third of American adults went without recommended care, did not see a doctor, or fill prescriptions because of costs. In the United Kingdom only four percent reported these problems.

      In the US, 42 percent paid $1,000 or more out of pocket for medical care because of higher deductibles and other higher cost-sharing, a problem that might get worse as insurers continue to shift more costs to policyholders.

      When it came to paperwork and hassles with insurance companies, 32 percent of Americans had complaints. That compares to 19 percent in the Netherlands and 17 percent in Germany, countries that have competitive insurance markets similar to the US.

      Three-quarters of Americans said their health system must undergo fundamental changes or be rebuilt. In other countries, more than half of respondents had positive views of their systems. In England, for example, 63 percent said the system works well and needs only minor fixes.

      US and Canadian adults were more likely to experience long waits for primary care and high use of emergency rooms compared to other countries.” – end

      That this cause is the only thing on the GOP’s political plate, when they should be concentrating on the next suicidal default dates they have created, is very telling. One would think that if they have issues with the ACA, they’d work to improve it, rather than to destroy it with no alternative ideas of their own.

      What’s even more telling, is the need to have multiple aliased folks like winpinfrogjonwilkes et. al. here trying to create an illusion of massive outrage, again simply tearing down a concept with nothing positive to add.

      Gee, kids, if you had anything of value to say there really would be no need to play “man behind the curtain” with multiple aliases, now would there?

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      • As a child and teen ager I had "care by the government." My dad was a career Navy man. I remember sitting on a bench most of the day waiting to see, most often a corpsman, and seldom a doctor. I am now having the same sort of problem with the VA with a service connected disability. You can take your "gummint" health care and shove it. I had excellent care with Kaiser -Permanente for forty years. 27 years through my company and 13 years on Medi-Care. Wish they were here in Arizona. Low co-pays for both meds and Drs. No pays for lab work and no deductibles. $100 per day hospital cost. I can guarantee that what we will get from "Obama Care" will be nowhere close to Kaiser.

      • My very brief comment/point clearly confused you. If, as your long winded response suggested, Obamacare is going to be so great for America why were downsides of the plan hidden from us. For example the now famous:

        " If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it. Period." -Obama

        New York Senator Gillibrand within the last few days on ABC's THIS WEEK:

        “We all knew,” Mrs. Gillibrand said." The good Senator was referencing the fact that she and many others were fully aware that Obamacare would result in cancellations. But, in her view, the good outweighed the bad.

        Why didn't we know that up front and why did the President continue to deny it until reality became a blinding flash of the obvious and he had no choice but to back peddle as fast as he could?

        My point is simply this: If, as you say, Obamacare is going to be so great for us don't sell us by hiding the warts. I'm betting there will be more warts just around the corner and more and more folks are going to be outraged. Time will tell.

      • Wow!

        Thanks again for your input.

        "In your heart you know he is right."

        The Frogg

    • " You may ask why the American people would allow something as important as their health care to be controlled and rationed by one political party?"

      Well Frogg, perhaps because many of the resulting negative consequences of Obamacare weren't shared with the American public. The negatives are now coming to light and more are on the way.

      I don't believe we have seen the end of Democrats with puckered rear ends heading for the hills. Nancy and Harry might want to invest in some prime herding dogs.

    • "government health care exchanges", provided by private insurance companies to make a profit of up to 20%. You left that part out, faggyes!

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      • Lvetteintherear you're back! Can't say I missed you!

      • very good 'vette' - go ahead and exchange ...your private health, for the goverment's care !

      • Yes!

        When you are correct it is very important to recognize the truth.

        The plan has and will continue to include four major constituencies:

        o All levels of government employees (both federal and state)
        o All major government sanctioned large business interests (of which big insurance is part) and their union members
        o All members of race based/economically based/sexually oriented based/national origin based special interest groups
        o All members of the government sanctioned banking and financial services industry

        Yes my friend large business interests have always been involved with and supported those that are against the rights of the individual and want a big government solution for everything.

        As a famous philosopher once said: "The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."

        And IMHO each of these constituencies believes or hopes they will be the last to be eaten by the alligator.

        "In your heart you know he is right."

        The Frogg

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