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  • rush_limpballs rush_limpballs Nov 21, 2013 6:24 PM Flag

    Obama's lower rating still double GWBush's


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    • And a lot of what helped create Bush's low ratings was fed by the liberal media. Now we have a liberal President and a liberal media and Obama's rating are falling like a rock. That should tell you all you need to know about these useless polls.

    • hgtacvs11 Nov 27, 2013 2:33 PM Flag

      limpballs - Good name for you Obama kool aid drinking freak moron. Your lying chief was yelling loud and clear - OBAMA HEALTH CARE -Ha! Now the lying moron keeps calling it the Affordable Health Care Act - Then he plays Bill Clinton game and tries to make a big deal with the Iran DUMB #$%$ MOVE. IMPEACHMENT is his only CURE for this Nation.

    • speaking of obama's poll vs ?? _ _ a recent N.Y. poll for 'crack smoking' rob ford - vs - obama _ _ _

      the 'forum research ctr' in N.Y. polled rob ford's recent performance - against obama, using recent gallop pre-exsisting numbers for obama.

      reported by gallop, the 2 major obama point moves were a loss of "8 points" due to the NSA, then the IRS surprises and conservative attacks ~ and a "6" point drop for the obamacare 'rollout' (again, per gallop)

      N.Y's " forum research poll" didn't give any particulars other than toronto's mayor rob ford's recent behavior as reported and video'd

      obama = 41 points favorable (gallop poll)
      rob ford (crack-head) = 42 points favorable (forum research ctr.)

      _ _ pretty interesting poll here .. that's what i call a real 'teehee' moment ~ ha ! _ _ _

    • Girly 'limp--wrist' of the ghetto .. just a little minor 'educational info' for you !!

      A Gallop tracking poll (since 1937) .. All Time "Approval Ratings" that were closest in simularity for FIRST 4 1/2 years in office, which is Obama's current status ...... figures from Gallop !!

      o - G. W. Bush = 49.4%
      o - Nixon = 49.1%
      o - Obama = 49.0%

      If you can't read this (?), find someone in you neighborhood (if possible) that may have graduated high school to read & explain this to you !!

    • You obviously can't read numbers. Like most "libs". Bet you believe deficits are great and can go on forever.

    • Can't do math?" Like most lying ":liberals. "teehee? Giggling freaka saurus.

    • "TeeHeeHee"?

      What, are you one of them Girly- men?

    • That's wonderful, but isn't that racist? Bush was white, did you not like him because he was white or because you thought he was a bad President? Besides, he hasn't been President for over five years now. Could you not find a relevant subject about which to post your thoughts? Didn't think so.

      I don’t like Obama because he is a closet Socialist (fortunately the door is swing open and we getting a view into the closet) and because he is dishonest, and he has an ego that is unwarranted by his history and actions. He is trying to change an otherwise functioning government into a dictatorship. The Constitution was written with the intent of limiting the powers of the government to keep it from becoming overbearing and repressive. Obama is trying to change that. He wants the government to control all, mostly the money because that is where liberals see their power rests.

      I don’t care what color he is or what color his parents were, or where he was educated. I care about his actions and his words, and those are both frightening.

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