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  • mdki_longtimer mdki_longtimer Apr 24, 2014 4:31 PM Flag

    What Some of the Analysts are Saying

    The 200 day moving average for T is 34.50. It should test this area a bit before buyers and sellers settle down. The fifty day moving average is 34.0 and would be another test area if T gets hit with a bit more selling. One service says there is strong support at 34.07 and resistance at 34.90. But who really knows what evil lurks in the heart of man? "The shadow do"!

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    • AT&T had so many short buyers, so the unwinding takes time. Your numbers are "spot-on". I have freed up other holdings if AT&T goes below $34.00....I'm a buyer, on top of the 4,000 shares I now own. Direct TV purchase is perfect. Opens whole new markets in South America and bundles the services including internest, tv, and phone. One can still plug in Apple tv and get whatever program they choose from Direct. The future is inside everyone's is internet driven along with content. The content will come as AT&T grows into this market. And.......I do not rule out an eventual merger with Vodaphone........three to five years down the line. Then, AT&T would own the world.......and that is a pretty good objective. Two years time AT&T will be a $50.00 stock........with the same dividend payout.

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      • There will be a dow correction at some point that doesn't bounce back like the dips we have been seeing. T hitting $50 requires far too many stars to line up IMO

      • Just curious ! If the stock does reach $50, what would the dividend be at that price ?

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      • What markets in South America? T already in a working agreement with America Movil. If anything, I could see Slim being interested, not T. T would be better off pursuing DISH which holds sizable spectrum.... Several analysts are confused by this DTV rumor and scratching their heads. T would be entering a mature satellite market. One went as far as a skeptical comment doubting T is interested in any satellite provider.

        U-verse TV would cannibalize a satellite asset once fiber networks are thoroughly deployed. The future will be driven through mobile internet.

        -Observe kids downloading videos/TV/games on iPads. On demand programming through internet-

        That is NOT through a satellite. The future is through high speed FiOS with WiFi wicks. Satellite AND cable speeds will be left in the technology dust with fiber deployments in the works. Do some homework on technology which received standardization just last month with OEMs in the works. Fiber backbone coupled with utilizing existing copper from curb into the home. Appears this tech is about a year or so out from being deployed depending - you will find varied timeline estimates from report to report. 80% of cost of fiber to the home is the final leg from curb into the home. slashes cost by utilizing final leg of copper but makes 4k video to the home possible. How will satellite or cable compete with that? FiOS based TV will bring ala carte programming...

        P.S. AT&T won't be able to afford Vodafone if they wait 3-5 years. VOD set to own the financial payments/remittance world with killer M-Pesa/SmartPass financial apps. This is in addition to the fact EU is early stages of economic recovery AND the currency trade working against T, not to mention rising financing costs associated with a rising bond market. T is kept at bay until the six month restriction is dropped in late July, unless VOD board waives the restriction of which nobody would no unless a deal is announced.

    • any idea who made the big trade today?

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      • The selling today around 33 million compares with an average of 32 million. Things are settling down. The selling always comes from big guys like hedge funds and not from little guys like me. We are past the x dividend date and the big guys control the market for a while. They may consider this to be dead money for some time and are waiting for an entry point later. Do you really see anything fundamentally wrong with the stock?

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