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  • whopperkaraoke whopperkaraoke Apr 30, 2014 12:06 AM Flag

    Isn't it funny that NETFLIX will pay VZ for better quality internet

    Yet wants to taunt AT&T. I just read an article that Netflix is paying Comcast for better streaming speeds, and struck a deal with VZ. Yet all they can do is call AT&T cheaters for double dipping in the ISP market. Then in the same breath tell the media that they will be raising the rates for their services. It seems like just a year ago Netflix doubled their rates to cover the cost of better internet. Where did that money go? I still have poor streaming from NETFLIX.

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    • Yep, I have my problems with VZ also.
      Ever since they upgraded their towers to 3G/4G technology, enabling them to reduce power to their towers .. so previous to that, I had perfect cell service. But with 3G/4G improvements I now have about 20 % (max) cell reception.
      Finally their solution (VZ), was to upgrade to a 'smartphone'. So I went to W/Mart (15 day return policy), bought their top of the line Samsung 'smartphone ($110) with no minutes .. took it home & charged it for reception test only.. my flip phone was in & out @ zero, to 1 and 2 bars .. but the 'new Samsung 'smartphone' had steady "zero", maybe 1 occasional bar .. one week of periodic testing.
      To this day I thank VZ for their top notch 'customer service bullshlt' they fed me - and they're the only game in my rural area
      When the Wx. dry's out enough I'll try to install my Z-boost antenna & base, on & in my 2 story garage, needing 15 ft or better of height/distance, or elevation between the antenna & inside base unit, which isn't available on my single story house without being a poor inst. & unprofessional eyesore
      The Z-Boost XY545 claims it's remote range is about 200 to 300 ft but the antenna height is critical & MUST be there for separation/height between the antenna & base.unit, the more separation between 15 & 50 ft, the better remote range .. (up to 50 ft of HQ coax separation),
      My current home installation require me to be within 3 ft of the base unit to get 1, maybe 2 bars - or go outside and perhaps still drop a call, depending on time of day & tower load ?

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      • OK, that wasn't really the direction I was taking with my original post, but we can take a detour. I know a little about cell technology, but I've been away from business for a couple of years. And I never worked for VZ so I can't guess what they may have done. But, before I retired AT&T was doing a lot of upgrades in our area. 3G/4G/ LTE stuff. I started getting complaints from the locals because the "upgrades" where messing with everybody reception. As it turned out, it wasn't because the upgraded had a weaker signal, it was because as we were upgrading we were also turning down some of the towers that were no longer in strategic locations. This caused the customers in the areas behind large hills to have spotty service. So I have to wonder if VZ hasn't done something similar in your case. We eventually resolved the issue by overlapping coverage again. But when big corporation decisions happen, it's slow. And in my opinion, it was detrimental to our business. Those customers had already moved to a new carrier. Good luck on your repeater idea, I've seen it work in hospitals and malls.

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