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  • comffret comffret May 8, 2014 3:10 PM Flag

    Start a business with "easy" money?

    The Fed thinks that the key to the employment problem is easy, low interest money.

    So, go grab some, start a business and hire people.

    But, first look into the regulations promulgated by federal government agencies such as (to name a few):
    CPSC-Consumer Products Safety Commission, DOL-Department of Labor, EEOC-Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, EPA-Environmental Protection Agency, FCC-Federal Communications Commission, FDA-Food & Drug Administration, FTC-Federal Trade Commission, ICC-Interstate Commerce Commission, IRS-Internal Revenue Service, NLRB-National Labor Relations Board, OSHA-Occupational Safety & Health Administration.

    Next, consider the local regulations of your state, county and municipality that will affect your business.
    Then, calculate the fees you must pay for government licenses and permits to conduct your business.

    Wait: don’t forget to estimate the costs of keeping track of your federal and local regulatory compliance with your own time, on-site staff and hired lawyers on retainer.

    How are you at predictions? Because, now, you’ll need to forecast your employee costs considering the ratcheting effect of rapidly rising minimum wages on all wages as well as the costs of expanding healthcare benefits.

    When you’ve got all these figured out, you’ll be ready to start creating a business plan designed to let you repay that “easy” borrowed money and maybe make some for yourself.

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