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  • timetraveler2u timetraveler2u Jun 9, 2014 1:08 PM Flag


    T is getting hammered. Last year VZ had a market cap -$30B LOWER than T, today VZ has a market cap +$20B HIGHER than T! Our failed CEO Randall Stephenson should be held accountable, and urgently fired.

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    • the reason VZ market cap went up is because it printed more stock and sold more debt to buy out vodaphon. vz now has a bigger balance sheet than it did before. more assets, more liabilities and more claims on those assets. but is VZ a better company? hard to say. depends on whether the price for VOD was too much.

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      • You really are a dense fellow. I've posted it here before. VZ did not buy VOD. The "price" was for 45% of Verizon Wireless. VOD owned 45% of VZ Wireless and sold it's ownership of Verizon Wireless to Verizon Communications. VZ bought out a partner in its wireless division.

        VZ will be a hugely better company once the debt is wiped out over the course of five years. VZ will then have massive free cash flow from the 45% ownership grab they didn't hold. A much smarter move than the one in place to buy a satellite TV company that has reached maturity and is set to fade with the onset of streaming video.

      • That's very Kafkaesque and means nothing. If you invested equal amounts of money in T and VZ one year ago, you would have lost money on T, and made a packet on VZ. And both pay comparable dividends. We are here for the investment, not to equivocate T's blunders. The CEO should be held accountable and fired. High time for Randall Stephenson to go.

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