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  • ekos.gotkudeez ekos.gotkudeez Jun 10, 2014 9:05 PM Flag

    OH NO (oh yes) Eric Cantor !!

    OH NO (oh yes) ... Obama just lost his favorite little R.I.N.O. butt-kisser, Eric Cantor !!
    YES, with Cantor's millions in campaign $$, was just defeated by Randolph Macon's Ecomonics Professor David Brat, a Conservative Republican (Tea Party) with his war chest of only a couple of $100-K

    Brat defeated Cantor by more than 10% !!
    .... (oh btw, did I mention Brat is a (Tea Pary) "CONSERVATIVE" Republican :-)

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    • But Brat cheated. He mentioned economics and deficit spending which are not politically correct subjects. He even talked about immigration. You can't fight all those facts with $$$. We demand a recount.

    • Hilarious. You people are nuts. What's that they say about evil? It turns on itself?

      Who is going to be left in the Republican party? David Brat, Ted Cruz and a patchwork aged internet trolls with one foot in the grave. Maybe a few folks like your buddies in CiCi's pizza Las Vegas.

      These gerrymandered districts are creating an American ISIS of extreme zealots. Republicans haven't won statewide office in Virginia at least since Warner was elected to the Senate. You have no interest in actually governing or advancing an agenda. You people just keep doubling down on the nucking futs.

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      • poor "icky" .. he has poked his head out again because his papa's (echo2165 aka blewsharp) post disappeared (again). What is it with you guys :-)

      • As always you can be counted on to provide one of the best laughs of the day.

        But on a less jocular note, when you postulate the demise of a political party made up of the likes of a David Brat or Ted Cruz, I am mindful of the stellar performers currently leading the democrat party of the likes of:

        o Nancy (line my pockets by using inside information, and we have to pass it before we read it) Pelosi, and

        o Harry (let's make a land deal and let's buy a little something from my granddaughter's gift shop) Reid

        Yes (my friend) a political party based on these two political giants, is a party that is destined to do great and wonderful things in the coming days.

        I await on pins and needles to see what these two beacons of "hope and change" will do next to further the cause of liberty and justice.

        Again thanks for the laugh, and for making it just too easy.

        "In your heart you know he is right."

        The Frogg

    • There will be times (if you live long enough) when you will get to see the little guy win one.

      Last night's victory by a little known, under funded, grass roots, Republican may have been one of those times, and it may be the start of something bigger, but for now it is just one little moment.

      For the time being Washington is still being run by the elite of both parties, and they are not, (let me emphasize this) they are not going to relinquish any of their power without a fight.

      So get ready folks for the impending storm of slander and vitriol that will be slung at any candidate that attempts to go against the ruling class of political elite.

      Bottom line:

      o Congratulations Professor Brat

      o It is still possible for the American people to take back their power from those that would usurp it

      o Every vote counts when it comes to making a difference

      o If you are sick and tired and don't want to take it anymore, get out and work for candidates that are going to make a difference and represent you

      "In your heart you know he is right."

      The Frogg

    • interesting, I can pick up richmond news from the state line.
      one "Cantor republican" just stated he has been a long time 'cantor supporter' but now since he lost, he'll be voting 'democrat' in november .. yep that make sense that eric was a r.i.n.o. (who needs-em,, weed them out now)
      eric was expecting a 30 pt victory, brat was expecting a slim loss - but brat won 56% to 45% (not 'my' math figures)

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