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  • jwaltz234 jwaltz234 Aug 28, 2014 11:29 AM Flag

    VOD ! Did T miss something here ?


    Telecomm World Wide Exposure
    Market cap - 90.70 B
    Quarterly Earnings Growth - 1,623.70 %
    OPS cash flow - 10.3 B
    Levered Free cash flow - 2.43 B
    Revenue - 63.45 B
    Profit margin - 154.53 %
    Dividend 7.5 %
    Earnings per share - 37.28
    PE = .92
    Beta = .64

    Did T make the right choice ?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Yes. Those figures don't tell the big picture. You missed all the cash from VZ Wireless sale being turned through capex. Do your homework on capex for massive 4G build. Believe it was somewhere in the 20% range 4G coverage and they have already passed 40% since the build began and have targeted 92% 4G coverage across Europe markets as well as 4G in several markets outside Europe. They are running up VoLTE in Australia. Quality of national network is what put VZ in the wireless drivers in the U.S. The only thing that saved T's backside was the iPhone exclusive.

      a few of those numbers are incorrect. Quarterly earnings growth is not correct. The dividend is incorrect as well as it is too high. Believe divy is $1.6X off top of head. Dividend by VOD is not in equal amounts and is just twice a year so most automated websites don't calculate yield % correctly. Last I checked the VOD yield was just below T's and just above VZ's yield.

    • NO, AT&T didn't miss anything, where have you been ?
      If you want VOD, then go buy it. Smalls may "kiss you all over" for doing so ?
      Even sell your AT&T if you want ??

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Might be a smart move considering EU could get its first round of QE as soon as next week. What happened to Japan and U.S. equities when QE was launched? Even if you don't like VOD then some exposure to EU equities in some form or another at this point should be strongly considered.

        Looks like Burger King has a wise, young CEO who is taking advantage of the inversion window before congress might attempt to slam it shut. Look at the Whopper makers share price run since the announcement. If you were wise Bill, you might root for T to ditch the smelly fish and grab an inversion play (that is in heavy investment phase which will bring top quality networks) that would place AT&T as the largest telecom in the world. The inversion play has served BKW shareholders very, very well and will continue to going forward.

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