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  • nuff101 nuff101 Aug 30, 2014 2:10 PM Flag

    smalls_62 busted as if we didn't know the twit used both aliases


    See how he says VOD will "do just fine" and LOL under both aliases, as well as saying FUD under both aliases and always saying LOL. What a moron, a tiny little cockroach of a man spamming message board as his life's work. He's not on vacation like he said, he's stalking this board as he has ZERO life and T not buying VOD has given him something to get out of bed for...Just sad. He's also Tokuu_betsu, a self-admitted spammer who will lie about anything.

    smalls_62 • Aug 26, 2014 3:25 PM Flag
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    LOL. Don't want to talk about fundamentals so you attack the individual. VOD will be just fine. I will discuss VOD here if you like but the only reason I have discussed VOD on the T message board is when you fellows bring it up. VOD is very well positioned for the onset of IP TV.....why do you think they've been buying top fiber networks in Spain and Germany and building fiber in other EU markets?

    nige_co • 48 minutes ago Flag
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    “Vod dividend to be cut”

    I would be more worried about T’s dividend if I was you, if T purchase DTV. VOD will do just fine. But thanks for your concern. LOL

    This topic is deleted.
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    • YUP .. True .. two peas in a pod - or is it 2 pee's in a pod
      And take note that he (smalls) claimed he provided me with VOD dividend info (yesterday) when he really didn't
      It was actually nige_co that gave me the 5.3% div. (now 5.5% info to compare to Yahoo VOD page div
      All "smalls_62" did was tell me I was wrong, and to go back to school.

      NOT up to us to remind him which ID he's posting under, HUH ? .

      Hey .. the proof is in their posting history :-)

      Sentiment: Buy

      • 1 Reply to bill.polk79
      • I think I'll tell a true tail of my fishing trip with smells.
        He had the bait, I had two fishing poles. We went down by the crik, he passed a worm to me and we started fishing.
        A few minute later, my hook had been stripped so I went for another worm but couldn't find any.
        HIS worm container was empty and smells had dozed off for a nap

        Not to disturb him, I went off and dug a few of my own, returned 15 minutes later, smells seemed groggy, with one eye open and alittle bobbleheaded.

        I let him know the worms had disappeared, or escaped, then asked if "he" was ok ?
        He mumbled something, I asked him to repeat ?
        About that time .. "he spit out a mouth full of worms", cleared his throat, told me he was keeping them "warm" because they catch fish better

        Now that's lazy and inept if I've ever seen lazy and inept
        (true story, no lie - ya couldn't make this stuff up in a million years "if your life depended on it" :-).

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