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  • cviller cviller Jan 7, 1998 9:54 PM Flag

    T-A or anyone...

    Does anyone know what xDSL is? What are other high speed non-telco internet connection companies such as ATHM. What are the
    chances that the RBOC's will get finessed by cable or ATHM type companies and if they are bypassed, is this a big deal to them?
    Could cable become the internet connector and the telephone provider? How much does the RBOC make with a T-1 line. I feel like
    Roseanne Rosanna Danna. I ask a lot of questions but I've gotten dragged into this corner of the investing world and maybe I ought to
    know some of these things. Please explain in english, not telcoese. Thanks

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    • Thanks for asking the questions that I need answers too.

    • It's a family of technologies that allow the copper wires to provide high speed data access. Since the LECs own the copper wire local networks, this technology will allow the LECs to offer high speed Internet access. This technology is the main competitor to cable Internet access. The other competitor for fast Internet access are wireless technologies: MMDS and LMDS.
      Got to get to work. Hope this helps.

      Key Thing: Digital subscriber line technology turns copper wires
      (two lane street) into 8 lane superhighway. Cheers!

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